Black Eagles threaten Constitutional Court magistrates for abortion

On February 21, the decision of the Constitutional court decriminalize abortion up to the 6th week of gestation, and that those who voted in favor were Alberto Rojas, Antonio José Lizarazo, José Fernando Reyes, Diana Fajardo and Julio Andrés Ossa.

Now those 5 magistrates are in the focus of the criminal organization that described the determination as “infanticide” and say: “Repeal the order to kill children at 6 months or we will apply a military objective”.

In a two-page text, the ‘Black Eagles’ recall that the same high court had already made a decision in 2006 on abortion in Colombia for three specific cases and say they have no arguments to dispute it.

In addition, in the pamphlet they launch a series of insults calling them, among other things, murderers because, they say, “the death penalty is not legalized in Colombia, not even for the most dangerous criminal” and they cite figures of violent deaths, in a statement completely incoherent with their criminal actions, such as being armed, in addition to threatening the lives of Colombians in legality.

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In the document that became known, the armed group seeks to intimidate the magistrates and tells them that “they already know what awaits them”; in addition, they threaten their closest circle:

“We already have them identified, located, their entry and exit time, color and license plate of the vehicles, place of residence and of their relatives. We will persecute you and declare you and your family members a military target.”

As the text progresses the words spread become more violent: “If they don’t want to understand by the good, they will understand by the bullets. These are not threats or jokes, but when we ‘fight’ the first, what was promised is verified”.

The pair of sheets is signed ‘Águilas Negras, bloc capital’ and in them they try to pose as defenders of life, but in a contradictory message with the threat to the integrity of the magistrates.

The complete message was shared by the director of the Informative Service of Blu Radio, Ricardo Ospina:

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