Black Friday and Co .: You have to pay attention to this with online bargains

Black Friday und Co.
You have to pay attention to this with online bargains

Till von der Osten gives tips for online shopping.

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With Black Friday on November 26th the shopping countdown begins before Christmas. But what do you have to look out for when hunting for bargains?

Black Friday on November 26th is just around the corner and with it the time to get serious about shopping for Christmas gifts. Because especially in times of Corona and delivery difficulties, there are a few things to consider so that all gifts are under the tree in time for the festival. Till von der Osten, Director of Trading at the online electronics retailer AO, gives tips on how to make the right bargain decisions on Black Friday and the subsequent Cyber ​​Week.

Mr. von der Osten, how do I keep track of the jungle of offers on Black Friday?

Till von der Osten: A general tip: Don’t rush – take your time! Black Friday is no longer a single day of action. Keep an eye on the products you want and think about what discount you would be happy with. If you see a top offer on the very first day, it can be worthwhile to buy straight away. But think about what exactly you are looking for beforehand – a shopping list will help! – and then put the items you want in the shopping cart.

Black Friday offers are already available the week before, and immediately afterwards again on Cyber ​​Monday. When is the best bargain day?

Von der Osten: That’s right, discounts are available on several days. Nevertheless: Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday remain special days. As a rule, Friday promises the best and biggest offers. But even on Monday you have a good chance of a wide selection of offers, which are made up of the remaining Black Friday products. Fortunately, the return regulations in Germany are really consumer-friendly and short-term jumps in discounts are a rarity.

Which products have experience shown to be the most lucrative bargains?

Von der Osten: In percentage terms, you’ll definitely find them in the area of ​​large electrical appliances. The TV sector in particular is in demand around Black Friday, as brands and products whose prices tend to remain static throughout the year give way in November and are available at a good price.

There are currently delivery problems in many areas. Is there anything to look out for here? How much time do you have to plan?

Von der Osten: The supply chain is actually a challenge right now. It hit the dishwasher sector in particular. That is why I advise you to buy if you can find a good deal on Black Friday that meets your own expectations. The TV division also has delivery problems. I assume that many retailers will be able to offer less variety on Black Friday this year. So you should generally pay attention to the availability and delivery time of the products. And above all: is the dealer trustworthy? There are certainly fake offers that are placed in order to take advantage of the customers’ willingness to buy during this time.

What do you have to pay attention to, especially with technical devices?

Von der Osten: First and foremost, the devices must of course correspond to your own ideas and habits. When hunting for a bargain, for example, one shouldn’t overlook such essential questions as: Are the dimensions correct, does the device even fit into my home? It happens more often than you think that washing machines or refrigerators are ordered that in the end do not fit into the kitchen. And don’t forget to pay attention to the minimum guarantee. You should also be able to expect that with Black Friday offers.

The energy efficiency of electrical appliances is just as important as the purchase price. What are the new energy classes all about?

Von der Osten: Household appliances have become more efficient in recent years and now use significantly less electricity and water. In order to standardize the labeling, the EU has adjusted the colored efficiency scale. Instead of the plus classes (A + to A +++), devices are now classified from A to G depending on their energy consumption. There are pictograms that provide product information such as volume or capacity. A QR code has been added: If you follow this code, you get to the website of the European product database (EPREL)that provides more information.

What do I have to pay attention to during delivery? Do I have to carry the washing machine of my choice up the stairs myself?

Von der Osten: No, that shouldn’t be. In the best of cases, delivery is of course free of charge, and there is also an option where you don’t have to drag the washing machine up to the fourth floor yourself. Online retailers such as offer such services: customers can choose the time of delivery and also book the installation at the same time.

Are there any pitfalls that can be avoided? How do I know whether the online shop is reputable? How can I protect myself from fraudsters?

Von der Osten: Sure, even in the days around Black Friday black sheep can mingle with the big providers who lure with false offers. Check the seriousness of the shops in advance; the “Trusted Shop” seal offers security. A look at the terms and conditions and the imprint can also help: Who is actually behind the online presence? In addition, the online retailers should offer the common and secure payment functions.


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