Black Friday: Corriere dello Sport's response to accusations of racism

Accused of racism after his controversy on Thursday, the Italian sports daily refused to apologize and counter-attack on Friday denouncing a "lynching" while defending the "wealth of difference."

The Corriere dello sport caused a controversy on Thursday, with an A on which we could see two players of color, Romelo Lukaku and Chris Smalling, with the title "Black Friday". A first page that immediately provoked the indignation of many Internet users on social networks while the intention of the media was to "praise the difference". The twittosphere decided that it was, on the contrary, at best, a terrible awkwardness, and, at worst, a racist position. Inter Milan, club of Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, had quickly reacted in a tweet: "Football is passion, culture and brotherhood. We are and will always be against any form of discrimination. "The Manchester United former striker had considered it to be the" weakest "title he had read.

"Who is racist?"

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This Friday, the newspaper counterattacks vehemently, staying on its editorial line and positioning the day before. He even denounces a "lynching against a newspaper that has defended freedom and equality for more than a century." The editor categorically refuses to apologize and maintains that this controversy was part of a campaign against discrimination. The front page of the daily brings together several recent headlines denouncing racism with, for the most part, "Who is racist?".

"Black Friday is, for those who want and can understand it, was only a way to praise the difference, the magnificent wealth of difference. If you do not understand this, it's because you can not or do not want to. Black Friday is the innocent title of a newspaper, ours, which, for almost a century, defends with passion and obstinacy the values ​​of sport. And yet, it has been transformed into poison by those who have poison in them, "the director of the daily, Ivan Zazzaroni, blasted.

AC Milan and Inter Milan boycott journalist until 2019

"The intention of the article was actually positive, but this title completely overshadowed the anti-racist message contained in the story," reacted Thursday, with discernment, Paul Rogers, director of communication at Roma. His club, like AC Milan, had however announced in the hours following the publication of the Une that the journalists of the Corriere dello sport would be undesirable until the end of 2019 at the training center.

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