Black Friday fully automatic coffee machines: These coffee machines are on offer

WOnce you have got used to the diverse coffee culture in cafes and roasting houses, you will quickly be disappointed with the filter machine coffee from your home pot. Even in communal kitchens, for example in offices or practices, a fully automatic coffee machine can deliver coffee like a barista without much effort.

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Consumers are faced with the choice between an expensive fully automatic coffee machine and a cheaper capsule machine, especially when things have to be done quickly and several different people have to use the device. We show which products are worthwhile on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Fully automatic coffee machines: The best deals on Black Friday

Siemens EQ.6 plus fully automatic coffee machine for 500 instead of 1,599 euros

  • Diverse coffee specialties including frothed milk for one or two cups at the same time
  • Digital, easy-to-use voting system with sensor fields
  • AutoMilk sort cleaning system for hygienic operation

Now on Amazon: Siemens EQ.6 plus reduced by 69 percent*

De’Longhi Autentica Cappucino ETAM fully automatic coffee machine for 400 instead of 899 euros

  • 13-stage conical grinder can be adjusted individually

  • Patented milk frothing system for fine milk froth

  • Easy to use and easy to clean via direct selection buttons

Now on Amazon De’Longhi ETAM 29.660.SB reduced by 56 percent*

Krups fully automatic coffee machines

Miele coffee machines

Philips coffee machine

Coffee beans, pods and capsules up to 44 percent cheaper

Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio S capsule machine for 56.99 instead of 89.99 euros

  • Conjure up hot and cold coffee creations at the push of a button
  • Suitable for many cup sizes; easy to use and clean
  • Eco mode for energy-saving operation

Now on Amazon: Krups coffee capsule machine 37 percent cheaper*

Black Friday 2021: you should know that

On Black Friday, the upstream Cyber ​​Week and Cyber ​​Monday, many suppliers of electrical goods in particular lure them into their stores and online shops with special offers, volume discounts and promotional gifts.

This ushers in the hot phase of the pre-Christmas business for dealers. Kitchen utensils are also among the reduced items as typical Christmas gifts. So, especially if you don’t insist on a certain model, there is a very good chance that you will find a high-quality fully automatic coffee machine at a cheaper price than usual at this time.

But before you start looking for a particularly inexpensive device, you should first find out whether a fully automatic coffee machine is really a sensible purchase for you – and if so, which models are suitable for you.

Because especially in the bargain fever, you can quickly lose your head and strike at a device that does not meet your personal requirements at all. Consumer advocates advise not to allow themselves to be put under pressure and to carefully question the offers.

Fully automatic coffee machine: is it worth the investment?

More than half of Germans rely on the versatile fully automatic coffee machines. These are much more expensive to buy than smaller capsule machines, but the follow-up costs are lower because you can choose the coffee you use yourself and do not have to rely on the capsules from a specific manufacturer.

Compared to the capsule machines, the Price per cup cheap when using a fully automatic coffee machine: based on a price of 18 euros for one kilo of coffee, it is around 12 cents per cup. A coffee capsule from brand manufacturers, on the other hand, costs 25-50 cents per piece.

Assuming a two-person household in which everyone drinks three cups of coffee a day (this is the average for Germany), a fully automatic coffee machine pays for itself 20 months after purchase compared to a capsule machine. Since the small aluminum capsules do not have to be disposed of all the time, there is also less waste.

Better coffee from the fully automatic machine?

Coffee from a fully automatic machine is also considered to be much more aromatic than that from a capsule machine, as the beans are freshly brewed directly after grinding. This allows its full aroma to develop. This is not possible with coffee from capsule machines or filter coffee.

Since you are not tied to a specific manufacturer when choosing beans, you can make the choice: Perhaps you already have a favorite roaster, or you like to look for special offers from various manufacturers.

You can also use a fully automatic machine to make various coffee beverages – whether they are espresso and Americano or latte macchiato, flat white and cappuccino. For the latter, many fully automatic machines also have a system for frothing milk.

Nevertheless, the rather high purchase price of fully automatic coffee machines can initially put you off. It is therefore particularly worthwhile to rely on special offers and discount campaigns for these devices.

Black Friday coffee machine: the right size

To find the right fully automatic coffee machine for your needs, you should first consider how many people will use it to prepare coffee on a regular basis: A family with only two or three coffee drinkers should get by with a model with a small water tank (around 1.2 liters).

If, on the other hand, you often want to brew several cups of coffee at the same time, you should start in the middle class. Water reservoirs of 2.5 liters and bean compartments that hold 500 grams of coffee beans only make sense with intensive use – for example in an office. After all, the water has to be changed every day and the aroma of the coffee beans also diminishes over time.

Fully automatic coffee machine with milk frother or nozzle?

Depending on whether you prefer to drink your coffee black or are a fan of beverages with a lot of warm and frothy milk, you should take a closer look at the milk frothing function. If you only want to prepare milk foam from time to time, you can choose a model with an integrated milk foam nozzle.

If coffee is synonymous with cappuccino or latte macchiato, it is more convenient to prepare it in a machine with a milk frothing system with its own milk container and tube.

Fully automatic coffee machines: which grinder is the right one?

The volume is also a decision factor that should not be neglected: If the coffee drinkers in your household have to leave the house at different times, you probably value a particularly quiet grinder. As a rule, ceramic grinders are less noisy than steel grinders.

Black Friday offers: How to avoid bad purchases

Consumer advocates warn against spending money carelessly in the days around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Often customers feel overwhelmed by the massive advertising campaigns and tempting prices of the providers and make impulse purchases instead of considering the purchase again.

It is best to think about which models are of interest to you and how much money you would like to spend on a fully automatic coffee machine before you look for offers. Comparison portals help you determine whether you have really found the best price for the model of your choice.

At (like WELT, it belongs to Axel Springer SE) you can also see the price development over the past few months – this way you can find out whether you really have to buy it now or whether the product is more often available at reduced prices.

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