Black Friday mobile phones: Samsung Galaxy, Huawei & Co – up to 47% on smartphones

If you want to stock up on a new smartphone on Black Friday, you should think carefully beforehand which models are suitable

If you want to stock up on a new smartphone on Black Friday, you should think carefully beforehand which models are suitable

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Every year in November there are numerous bargains and discounts on Black Friday. Electronics such as cell phones are particularly in demand. Here you can find out which models you can save on and how you can find the cell phone that really suits your needs.

AOn November 26th, 2021 Black Friday will take place again. Many products are heavily discounted and you can get hold of good bargains. But the range is large and you can quickly lose track of the numerous providers and models.

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We have therefore compiled the most important information on buying a mobile phone and the most popular mobile phone providers below.

Black Friday: The best smartphone deals

Samsung: Galaxy S10 for 502.83 instead of 899.00 euros

Now on Amazon: Samsung Galax S10e 44 percent cheaper*

Apple: Refurbished iPhone 8 for 225 instead of 337.50 euros

  • 4.7 inch LCD display, 64 GB memory
  • 12 MP camera with optical image stabilization and 4K video quality
  • Eligible for Refund under Amazon Renevew Guarantee

Now on Amazon: Refurbished iPhone 8 33 percent cheaper*

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Black Friday Apple

Up to 300 euros discount on Huawei smartphones

Motorola: Moto g100 for 349.99 instead of 499.99 euros

  • 6.7 inch display, 64MP camera
  • 128 GB storage, 8 GB RAM
  • 5G data speed and Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor

Now on Amazon: Motorola Moto g100 reduced by 30 percent*

Other manufacturers: OPPO Find X2 Neo reduced by almost half

Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday 2021: you should know that

The shopping event originally comes from the USA and has also established itself in Germany in recent years. Many stores and online shops take part in the discount campaign. The shopping spectacle begins in the days leading up to Black Friday with what is known as “Cyber ​​Week”.

The highlight is Black Friday and the whole thing ends on the Monday after with “Cyber ​​Monday”. The offers these days are numerous. From garden tools to televisions to luxury travel, there are every imaginable product to choose from. Electronic items such as cell phones are particularly popular.

With countdowns running out and a supposed product shortage, online retailers want to encourage their customers to buy. Consumer advocates advise not to allow themselves to be put under pressure and to carefully question the offers. Comparison portals like (like WELT belongs to Axel Springer SE) help to compare product prices from different providers.

Black Friday: You should pay attention to this when buying a cell phone

If you want to get yourself a new smartphone, you should first think carefully about the requirements the device must meet. Important characteristics are battery performance, camera quality, memory and screen size.

the Battery power is crucial when buying a mobile phone so that you don’t have to hang on to the power cord with your smartphone later. High-performance power banks are also useful for on the go.

How good should that Camera be? Most cell phone cameras now have autofocus and optical image stabilization and are at a technical level of at least 12 megapixels. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive smartphones also have better cameras.

A Storage 32 GB is currently the standard. However, if you want to have a lot of apps, photos and videos on your mobile phone, you should choose a device with 64 GB or even 128 GB. Many providers also offer you the option of expanding the memory with an additional memory card.

Last is the Displaygröße to be observed. With a size of 5 inches, the resolution should be at least full HD. This corresponds to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Because a lower pixel density can lead to a podium in fonts.

Black Friday: iPhone – strengths and weaknesses

Since the appearance of the first model in 2007, the Apple iPhone has been a pioneer in the industry. The smartphone is not only characterized by its unique design, but also by its in-house IOS operating system. Useful functions such as face recognition and mobile numbers inspire users and make the iPhone a real lifestyle device.

Most iPhone users have sworn by products from the US manufacturer for many years. Another reason for this is the unique compatibility of the devices with one another.

Black Friday: Samsung phones from the Galaxy series

The Korean manufacturer Samsung offers a particularly wide range of smartphones. Starting with inexpensive entry-level cell phones through to expensive luxury versions, the entire range can be found in the range.

The Galaxy S series is very popular worldwide and is one of the most popular phones. The “S” in the name stands for “super strong” in accordance with the performance. The Samsung smartphones are in direct competition with the current generation of iPhones.

Cell phones up to 300 euros

Anyone looking for an inexpensive cell phone for less than 300 euros can find what they are looking for around Black Friday. Even if it is not the latest model, the devices meet everyday requirements.

Samsung offers a small selection of smartphones that cost less than 300 euros. You can find some cheap cell phones from lesser known manufacturers like CUBOT.

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