Black Republican candidate from Baltimore’s campaign video goes viral, thrills Donald Trump

Rutted streets, abandoned houses, piles of garbage on the sidewalks … Shot in a deserted neighborhood of Baltimore, the campaign video of the Republican candidate Kimberly Klacik does not go dead hand. And goes viral.

Dilapidated infrastructure, abandoned buildings, piles of rubbish littering the sidewalks, unemployment, poverty, academic failure, crime … The campaign video of Republican candidate Kimberly Klacik paints a grim picture of Baltimore. In high heels and a fitted white dress, the young woman wanders through a ghost town to show the reality that the other candidates “want to hide”. “Do you care about black life? I do. Unlike those who currently run Baltimore, I have a plan to provide a better life for the black people who live here. Follow me, I want you to see this, ”she said, inviting the viewer to accompany her on a tour of the“ real Baltimore ”.

Clean streets in the image of elected officials

Once prosperous, the port city of Maryland is now the fifth most dangerous city in the United States. “This city was among the most prosperous, populous and important in the United States. So what happened? ”Asks Kimberly Klacik, who is running for the seat of Maryland’s 7th District. “A ruined Baltimore must not be our future. This is why I am a candidate for Congress, because I see this city differently. ” Its first mission: managing the collection of garbage which litter the streets and makes them dangerous. “Our streets must be like our elected officials: clean and not dirty,” she says to the elected Democrats who have managed Baltimore for fifty-three years.


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