Blanquer calls for “vigilance”

While sixth grade students, born in 2010, are harassed on social networks, the Minister of National Education spoke and raised awareness among school heads on the subject.

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The Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer asked college principals to “strengthen vigilance” against harassment, after threats and insults uttered in recent days on social networks to sixth-grade students born in 2010.

“The good reception of the 6th grade students and their successful integration thanks to the benevolence of their classmates and adults are an essential issue of school life at the college”, recalls Jean-Michel Blanquer in the preamble, in a letter sent to the heads of establishment Thursday evening. The minister also posted a video on social media.

In this re-entry, “this theme takes on a particular acuity due to a disturbing movement reported in some establishments. A new phenomenon recently appeared on the social networks TikTok and Twitter encourages insults and threats, by older comrades, towards children. children born in 2010 “, continues Jean-Michel Blanquer in his letter.

The Minister of National Education thus asks the principals “to be very attentive and to put in place the appropriate reporting and support procedures, such as encouraging families to contact 3018 to request the removal of the online video. and comments and thus attenuate virality; write a level 2 or 3 “establishment fact”; contact the mobile security team if necessary so as not to let a trauma set in or even remind that if a student in the class or the establishment is identified as a harasser, he is liable to disciplinary action “.

The “mental and psychological health” of some students is “in real danger”

This instruction follows in particular a press release from the main federation of parents of FCPE students, which on Wednesday asked the government to “act urgently” because “the children of 2010 have become the target of campaigns of insults, harassment and cyberstalking “. “If a large number of children do not frequent the platforms, for those who spend time there, it is obvious that their mental and psychological health is in real danger,” says the federation.

A phenomenon, however, minimized by the main union of school leaders (SNPDEN). “We have not seen any incidents of this type in schools at all, and none of the 70 school leaders gathered at a national conference this week had heard of this movement on social networks,” said AFP Bruno Bobkiewicz, its secretary general.

Contacted by AFP, several fathers and mothers of pupils in 6th grade born in 2010 affirmed that their children “were not at all concerned by this harassment campaign”.

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