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Ivan Vukomanovic is enjoying his second season with Kerala Blasters. Vuko’s mind was filled with the victory against East Bengal and the roar of the crowd in Kochi. An exciting start to catch up in Goa. It needs a sequel. Vuko is in the strategies for that.

The Serbian has entered a system that constantly changes coaches. However, Vuko changed that method. At the helm of the team for the second consecutive season. This continuity was not only the result of taking the Blasters to the finals last season, but also the result of faith in the players and management. That is why the fans love Vuko more than the players.

Belgium was the birthplace of Ivan Vukomanovic, a Serbian. The relationship was with Belgium. It was there that he learned the game, played it and started teaching it. This former defensive midfielder retired from playing at the age of 34. Vuko believes that the player who rules the heart of the defense or the midfield can be the best coach. None of the decisions in the game are taken with much thought.

The arrival of ISL team Kerala Blasters was unexpected. Vuko still doesn’t have a definitive answer as to how that happened. The 45-year-old accepted the Blasters despite being approached with huge offers, including from top clubs. ‘It felt like that in my mind. It feels like this is my platform,’ says Vuko. Vuko believed that the election would never go bad.

Vuko had a precise criteria in selecting new players this season. ‘The first consideration was to be a good man. Explained about India and Kerala. They were convinced of the social atmosphere and culture here. We needed players who could embody all that. “Technical and strategic skills came later,” Vuko said.

The first thing is to create a good atmosphere within the team. Players need to be played for longer periods of time to improve. Players like Kaliushny were part of the team based on that intention. Vuko’s assessment is that ISL has a steady growth. The league should be at least eight months in duration. The current practice must change.

A player has only one feeling which is football. It has no boundaries. Yugoslavia, the country I was born in, no longer exists. The country of Serbia was fully established in 2006. I like the games of Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Along with that is Belgium. A new country wants to win the cup in the upcoming Qatar World Cup. Vukomanovic said that he likes African teams a lot.

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