Blaton’s Happy Dogs breeding set to disappear? A petition against the establishment collects 47,000 signatures

In Blaton, in the municipality of Bernissart located in the province of Hainaut, the “Happy dogs” breeding is in danger. According to the local television channel NoTélé, a public inquiry is underway concerning the establishment which sells an average of 2,000 dogs each year.

This public inquiry concerns the regularization of the single permit of the existing establishment. Animal lovers, who got wind of this procedure, are unhappy. They organized a petition against the establishment: in less than 24 hours, 47,000 signatures were collected.

For its part, the cabinet of Minister Céline Tellier confirmed to NoTélé that it was monitoring the situation closely: dog breeders are one of the minister’s priorities, including that of the Happy Dogs establishment in Blaton. And tougher legislation could be established in 2021. It is in any case the priority of this year of the cabinet.

> See the NoTélé report

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