Bleasea, the embellisher of the blockhouses, delivers two new monumental works to Normandy beaches

It gives a new face to the blockhouses of the Second World War: the street artist Bleasea has just completed two new works on the beaches of Cotentin. On the sands of Biville, Cyclops of the X-Men was born under the graffiti bombs. “At first, the idea comes to me from the form of the support which awakens a character to me“, he says of his sources of inspiration.

Cyclope, XMEN… 2021

Published by Blesea sure Sunday January 3, 2021

A work exposed to the four winds, swept by the rains and by nature doomed to disappear according to the weather. An ephemeral destiny that the artist accepts: “I satisfy my desire at the time, after the painting no longer belongs to me and tomorrow, there may very well be someone who will come to paint part of the blockhouse, it’s part of the art of graffiti“, he assures.

Just before Bleasea passed, this is what the bunker looked like:

Published by Blesea sure Sunday January 3, 2021

In Fermanville in the Val de Saire, another gigantic creature has appeared. Now, an imposing gorilla from the Dragon Ball saga dominates the dune and scans the horizon for a possible enemy attack.

Full moon … 2020

Published by Blesea sure Sunday 20 December 2020

The graffiti artist born in Cherbourg has been practicing his art for two decades. Seduced by the universe of these artists apart, the director Olivier Le Saux, gives a second life to their performances. The memory of these ephemeral works is kept alive in the videographer’s clips. He also made an internet series called Cherbourg hits the wall.

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