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Original title: Blind box supervision “all-inclusive form of refund without reason” attracts attention, and Bubble Mart’s stock price fluctuates greatly

Economic Observer Network reporter Xie Chuchu On August 17, Bubble Mart (09992.HK) fell at the opening of early trading, with a drop of more than 5% at one point, and then fluctuated all the way up. As of the close, Bubble Mart reported HK$19.38 per share, up 3.3%.

The day before, the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a notice on the public solicitation of opinions on the “Guidelines for the Standardization of Blind Box Business Activities (Trial) (Draft for Comment)”. The draft for comments puts forward clear specifications for some chaos in the blind box industry. For example, blind box operators should clearly mark the price of goods or services they provide, and must not sell goods at a price in addition to the marked price. , price gouging and other illegal acts; blind boxes shall not be sold to children under the age of 8; operators of blind boxes are encouraged to establish a bottom guarantee mechanism, and guide rational consumption by setting the upper limit of the amount and the number of times to be drawn. Encourage blind box operators to consciously promise not to hoard goods, not to hype, not to directly enter the secondary market, and to accept social supervision.

Among them, Article 17 of the draft for comments mentioned that “the whole series of products are sold in the form of all-inclusive packages, and if consumers request the return of the whole set after unpacking, the operator shall implement online shopping for seven-day returns without reason in accordance with the law.”

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This regulation has aroused great concern in the industry. Regarding the impact of the regulation, Bubble Mart replied to a reporter from the Economic Observer Network that it was inconvenient to respond positively.

A person in the fashion game industry explained to a reporter from the Economic Observer Network that the “all-inclusive form” in the draft for comments may refer to the “end box”.

Guo Weihong, deputy director of Yingke Networks Data Security Compliance Center, is the main drafter of the White Paper on Innovation and Development of Blind Box Economy 2022. She also told the Economic reporter that the “all-inclusive form” mentioned in the regulations refers to the “end box”, for example, a series of 12 models, you can buy all 12 models by purchasing the end box.

End box blind box, usually refers to a complete set of blind boxes purchased directly. The advantage of buying an end box is that there will be no repeated purchase of dolls. Not only can you collect the regular models at one time, but also have a greater chance of winning hidden models. The end box is one of the current sales methods for blind box sellers. For example, Bubble Mart’s “HIRONO Little Mischief Series” sold on Tmall contains 12 blind boxes.

Regarding the possible impact of the regulation, the above-mentioned industry insiders confirmed to reporters that it is assumed that consumers buy multiple end boxes to increase the probability of winning the hidden money in the lottery. Returns are possible. However, she also mentioned that the current guidelines have just come out, and companies are in a wait-and-see state.

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The lottery probability of blind box hidden models is also a topic that consumers are more concerned about. According to the above-mentioned person in the fashion game industry, his company has never encountered a situation where consumers ask to return the terminal box because they have not drawn the hidden money. However, according to media reports, there have also been incidents of returns and refunds due to the probability of popular models.

According to a report by Xiaoxiang Morning News in March this year, Mr. Hu and three friends came to a Bubble Mart in the north of Gaosheng Village, Changsha to buy blind box products. Mr. Hu bought all the remaining 11 blind boxes in the store and disassembled them in front of the clerk, and found that there was no popular model. Later, the store manager explained that Mr. Hu did not draw the hot money because of the probability. Later, the two parties reached an agreement that the store returned and refunded the 37 blind boxes purchased by Mr. Hu and his party.

On August 16, Bubble Mart replied to the reporter: “Blind boxes are a popular form of sales in the fashion game industry. We believe that the introduction of the “Guidelines for the Standardization of Blind Box Business Activities (Trial) (Draft for Comment)” is of positive significance. , giving clear guidance at the regulatory level will allow companies that regulate their operations to have a clearer direction, which is conducive to creating a better business environment.”

As of press time, the total market value of Bubble Mart is 27.085 billion Hong Kong dollars, which is at a low point since its listing. The total market value of Bubble Mart once reached about 150 billion Hong Kong dollars.Return to Sohu, see more

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