Blizzard is offering a free BattleTag change to celebrate Cassidy’s new name on Overwatch

Similar to one of Blizzard’s most famous characters, players may want to change their name in the different Blizzard worlds. Now, all players will have the option to do so for free – but only once.

to celebrate Note and watchHe is a resident of the cowboy Accepting a new identityBlizzard gives all users the opportunity to change their BattleTag for free. Between today and November 5, all players who do not currently have a free name change stored in their account, will be able to request one through Blizzard Rename Request Service.

Once players use the free BattleTag change, all subsequent changes will cost $10. If after the change of name players do not use the free name they receive when creating their account, they will not receive another account. Blizzard states on its forums that these requests can take up to four weeks, and names requested must meet the Blizzard Name Guidelines, or else they will be rejected.

BattleTags is the way players can express themselves in different Blizzard games, including Note and watchAnd hearthstone, And world of cans. While some of these titles may require players to create in-game names, BattleTags allow them to connect and play with friends and provide access to chats, communities, and groups using the player and mobile app.

Blizzard announced earlier today the new official name for Note and watchA cowboy identified the following issues with a former Blizzard employee named after the character. He will now be known as Cole Cassidy, and that will be reflected in the match starting October 26.

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