Blizzard offers you a series of emojis with the effigy of the Dracthyrs – World of Warcraft

In an article published just now, Blizzard offers you a series of emojis featuring the Dracthyrs, a new race that will be introduced with the expansion. Dragonflight later this year. These can be used freely on Discord, Twitch and other social networks. Find them below!

The new dracthyr evocative was unveiled during the announcement of the promising next chapter of World of WarcraftDragonflight. This new combination of race and class is brought to you by a passionate team, to give you an epic experience on the Dragon Islands (and beyond).

Formed a few years ago, the Evocative Dracthyr’s programming team oversaw its development from the earliest stages. Such teams are multidisciplinary and made up of developers from a wide range of disciplines (producers, designers, artists, engineers and quality assurance). The latter are in charge of a specific feature throughout its development. At some point, an (un)fortunate event happened internally that resulted in the creation of the dracthyr emotes!

How did these emoticons come about?

The programming team meets on Thursday mornings to do a weekly update on features. We’re banding together to share our latest updates on the development of the Dracthyr Evoker. More than a year ago (more precisely on May 27, 2021) during one of these meetings, one of our graphic designers encountered technical problems and therefore missed the meeting. As the saying goes, misfortune is always good, and this event served as the inspiration for the creation of the sad dracthyr drawing that you can see in the image below.

The image was shared in our programming team’s Slack channel. With the development of Dragonflight and many team members telecommuting, this is where most of our discussions are centralized. Slack’s messaging system comes with a number of features like persistent chat rooms and, as you can imagine, support for custom emoticons. You can guess where all this is leading us. All it took was another team member to say, “I need an emoticon with this dragon,” and the creative machine was on.

Thus was born our first emoticon, aptly named “sad dragon” to lovingly commemorate our graphic designers’ temporary desperation with technology. From that point on, a slew of dracthyr emotes were created by different members of the team. Whether through conceptualization, inspiration, artistic skill, or simply memes, virtually everyone on the team (and sometimes outsiders) has contributed to the creation of this comprehensive suite of emoticons. which we frequently use on Slack in our daily interactions. These emotes weren’t originally meant to be made public, but we wanted to share them with the community and show off the variety of art styles represented, which reflect a bit of each artist’s personality.

Dracthyr emotes for everyone!

As with most aspects of game development, bringing to life a new combination of race and class for players of World of Warcraft. It was a rich and complex process, intoxicating, rewarding and exhilarating. We can’t wait for you to experience the expansion Dragonflight and these emotes are the team’s way of expressing the love they’ve devoted to developing the evocative dracthyr. We hope this selection of our favorite dracthyr emotes helps enrich your communities on Discord, Twitch, and social media.

Download all

We’re counting on you to spread the Dracthyr love!

The dracthyr evoker’s programming team

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