Block C on the 18th floor | “Uncle Pulling” Feng Zhifeng denies immigrating to France and explains the reason for leaving the business station

Feng Zhifeng, the producer and voice of “Uncle La Cousin” of the longevity radio drama “Block C on the Eighteenth Floor”, resigned for personal reasons. Since many viewers thought he was going to move to France, Feng Zhifeng wrote an article on social platforms to clarify the reason for his resignation.

Treat business colleagues as family

Feng ZhifengReflecting on his working life in the article: “In Shangtai, I also changed from a young boy to a parent of three children today. Going back to the radio station in the morning and going home in the early morning, I have tasted the days from Monday to Sunday on Radio Channel 3, the rework of the typhoon signal on No. 10, the all-night bridge, and the writing of the script. It is my daily life. The time at the business desk is longer than the time at home. However, I enjoy this life. Because my colleagues in the radio station, regardless of age, are lively and lovely, they can interact happily with their colleagues when they return to work in the morning, and they can enjoy working alone when they broadcast at night. All of these have become fond memories in my life.‘ he also mentioned himselfbecome “Pull Cousin“already25years, it has long been seenSeniors and colleagues in the grouplike family.

Sojourn in Formosa non-France

For “Uncle La Cousin” to study cooking in France,Feng ZhifengSaid that in reality he was going to another place, “Twenty-five years on the radio, I have experienced the great era, and I am very fortunate to have met you all on the airwaves. Looking back, I have neglected my three children at home at work. I didn’t want to miss the golden opportunity to grow up with them, it’s time to leave my radio home for a while and go out with my wife and three kids. But the location is not France, but sojourn in Formosa. “

Feng ZhifengReveal the new find of a careermachineencounteris strongly related to its interest, socountDrawTurn dreams into reality,”At the same time, I have time to sit here with my children to watch the sunrise and sunset, appreciate the mysteries of nature, and share the wonderful moments in life“heHe admitted that he was reluctant to leave the home of the radio station, and thanked his colleagues from the commercial station one by one, saying that he would still host “A Good Show” and “Xi Lu Qiang” at the commercial station.

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