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The sun, the salt in the sea water and the chlorine in swimming pools are the main factors that damage hair in the summer months. After regularly exposing ourselves to them, hair dries out and offers a damaged or dull appearance. A sensation that is increased even more in the case of dyed or bleached hair that tend to lose its usual tone.

To correct this, there are specific products on the market such as this Bold Uniq signature shampoo that has exceeded 10,000 ratings on Amazon. Is about a toning shampoo, with violet pigments, that neutralize yellowish tones. “Normally, this type of shampoo has a methylene blue or purple pigment that neutralizes the oranges and yellows, which are their complementary shades in the color wheel,” explains Cristina Santoveña, hairdresser and technical professor of Professional Training at this specialty. “The orange and yellow tones are those that offer that unsightly feeling so now, after the summer, resorting to a product of this type can be a good option to tone the tone.”.

Suitable for white, blonde or highlighted hair

Although this type of shampoo is usually used by people with white hair, the hairdressing expert indicates that “it can also be used to keep platinum blonde hair, blonde of any type or even brown hair in good condition. natural and those that with time appear orange reflections that do not like and want to be nuanced ”.

This shampoo from the Purple range includes in its formula provitamin B5, is free of sulfates and parabens and protects hair from ultraviolet radiation. Its ingredients, according to the manufacturer, also make it possible to restore shine to the hair and soften the hair fibers.

Blonde, white or highlighted hair: revitalize your hair color after the summer with this toning shampoo

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As a regular shampoo or for specific moments

As the expert points out, depending on the result we want to obtain, we can resort to it permanently or on some specific occasion in which the hair tone has been damaged: “If you use it as your usual shampoo it will nuance you more”, remember Santoveña. “But, depending on the effect we want to achieve, it can also be used once a week or after using a different type of product. Another option, to enhance the toning effect, is to let it act longer –As if it were a conditioner–. The result will never be as strong as a tint, but a different hue is achieved”Explains the hairdressing specialist.

Those who have already used it have left it on Amazon more than 10,400 reviews and, in total, it has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Among the comments you can find opinions like this which qualifies it as a “excellent product for its purpose”And that he used it to shade overly blonde transparencies: “After using this shampoo for a month the yellow tones have completely disappeared and the effect is a beautiful gray. It works from day one, but as you apply it, it becomes more noticeable”, indicates.

Blonde, white or highlighted hair: revitalize your hair color after the summer with this toning shampoo

Buy for € 19.95 on Amazon

How to apply it to achieve the best results

  • Wait at least two weeks after perming, bleaching, or coloring your hair. If used too early the results may be uneven.

  • The shampoo should be spread directly on wet hair and left on for one to five minutes. Subsequently, the application time can be progressively increased to a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

  • After this time, the hair is thoroughly rinsed and, afterwards, a hydrating conditioner can be used.

  • If, once used, the result obtained is too violet, a clarifying shampoo can be used to eliminate the tone.

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