Bloober Team Explains How The Dual Reality System Will Work On The Medium

Even though they taught a extensive gameplay in July showing the functionality, Bloober Team has published a video on his YouTube channel trying to answer the questions that surround The Medium, specifically, its system of double reality: Marianne, the protagonist, may be both in the real world and in the spiritual world, and players control both versions of the character simultaneously on a split screen.

Michal Napora from the Polish studio’s community team explains that these sections where Marianne is in the worlds comprise about a third of the game. Therefore, most of the adventure players will have a traditional single-screen gaming experience.

When the screen splits to show the two worlds, both scenarios are fully renderedsomething that Napora says is easier to do thanks to the new generation of consoles. The The division of the screen into two does not have to be symmetrical, but depending on the situation, more importance will be given to one part or another.

This is seen on video. At one point Marianne interacts with hands of a clock in the physical world, causing changes in the spiritual world. While the user fiddles with the hands, only the clock is shown on the left of the screen, while on the right it appears, occupying almost the entire frame, that supernatural world.

Marianne will have different powers in each world

Therefore, actions of one world can influence the other, something that gives rise to puzzles like the one mentioned and other situations; for example, it has been confirmed that the control of both versions of Marianne is simultaneous: moving the left stick will move in both worlds. Of course, you will not have the same powers and actions in the real world and in the spiritual world.

The Medium be available on PC and Xbox Series X / S on December 10, a month after the launch of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. The horror title will be included in Xbox Game Pass for computer and console since its premiere.


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