Blood poisoning and corona survived: premature baby Archie (8 weeks) is a miracle – news

London – The small head is bandaged, the eyes protected against the purple light in the incubator, which ensures that the newborn jaundice goes away again. Hoses and sensors supply these delicate creatures with oxygen and food, and measure temperature, breathing, pulse and oxygen.

Little Archie Edwards is only a little over eight weeks old. But in this short time, the boy fought infection, blood poisoning and Covid-19. After he was born, he couldn’t breathe and his parents couldn’t take him in their arms.

“After four days I was finally allowed to hold his hand. It felt absolutely magical. It was scary, but magical at the same time, ”said mother Sheree Murray, 21, to the Lancashire Telegraph. Archie is a premature baby. He was born in the 25th week of pregnancy without breathing. He weighed just 765 grams. For 40 minutes the medics fought for his life and were able to revive him.

Archie got a ventilator – and the next fight began.

Foto: Robert Edwards/SWNS/action press

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United: Archie lies on the chest of mom Sheree Murray (21), next to father Robert Edwards (21)Foto: Robert Edwards/SWNS/action press

The parents feared losing their first child. They hoped and prayed. “At first I was shocked because I had no complications during pregnancy. But when we were told about his heartbeat and then the sepsis and Covid, everything was terrifying, “said the mother to the” Daily Mail “.

The premature birth came as a complete surprise, says father Robert Edwards (21, construction worker). When his partner experienced paralyzing pain on November 30th, he was “completely shocked”. She came to the clinic immediately. Then after 55 minutes, Archie was there.

Robert: “My head was completely empty. When I saw the blood, I was never so scared in my life, just hoped and prayed. “The father further:” You could not find a heartbeat, I thought I had lost my firstborn son. It was so scary. My son was just there and I felt completely helpless because there was nothing I could do. “And:” When you said he had a heartbeat, I was never so grateful in my life. “

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Foto: Robert Edwards/SWNS/action press

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Archie is in the incubator in a romper suit, he has a tube in his nose and the ventilation tube goes into his mouth. But he has already gained weightFoto: Robert Edwards/SWNS/action press

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Foto: Robert Edwards/SWNS/action press

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The newborn lies wrapped in towels in the clinicFoto: Robert Edwards/SWNS/action press

But Archie had an Escherichia coli (diarrheal pathogen) infection when he was only five weeks old, which caused blood poisoning. After further examinations it came out: He was also infected with Covid-19, as one of the smallest babies in England. The result: another two weeks of ventilation.

The father could not visit the child and had to isolate himself. Because of the pandemic, only one parent was allowed to go to the clinic at a time. “His lungs were compromised and I thought we would lose him in ten days. I was scared to death. When we were told he had Covid, it was the scariest moment of our lives. “

Archie is now recovering. He is in the “Burnley General Hospital”. The hope: he can go home soon, to Colne, about ten kilometers away. Robert Edwards to the Daily Mail: “He has no more infections at all. He is still in the hospital and will stay until about March. And I can’t wait to have him at home, safe and sound. He’s our miracle baby and we couldn’t be more proud of him. ”

Mother Sheree: “I’m so happy with the progress he’s made, I’m so proud of him.”


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