Blood Pressure Up And Down, Experience Acute Hypertension


Arowana hammer It turned out that he had acute hypertension when he was rushed to the hospital. His blood vessels burst causing a brain hemorrhage.

When he arrived at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON Hospital), Wednesday (22/9), Tukul Arowana immediately received medical attention. The team of doctors coordinated with each other until they finally decided to operate on Tukul Arowana.

After operation, Condition of Arowana Tukul started to improve. However, his blood pressure occasionally fluctuates, so he must get close monitoring from a team of doctors.

“Until now the monitoring conditions are in the semi-intensive room, namely in the stroker unit room, so blood pressure seems to still fluctuate. So sometimes it is stable, sometimes it suddenly rises,” said dr. Sardiana salam, Sp.S, M.kes, during a virtual press conference, Monday (27/9/2021).

In a condition that is still lying weak, the doctor tried to give medicine to lower his high blood pressure. However, Tukul Arowana has begun to be able to respond with its limbs even though it still cannot be spoken to.

“Because the condition is still post-acute, and indeed at this time there is a target for blood pressure that we are targeting and antihypertensive drugs have been given,” said dr. Sardiana salam, Sp.S, M.kes.

“So the risk factor that causes this hemorrhagic stroke is hypertension. So maybe because of the factors that were conveyed by Mas Kimon (Tukul Arwana Manager) never had a medical check-up so it was not detected,” continued dr. Sardiana salam, Sp.S, M.kes.

Sardiana Salam suspects that the hypertension experienced by Arowana hammer from the very beginning it was not known by the person concerned. Because it has never been checked so that it is now fatal.

“But at the time of vaccination, screening was also carried out and there it was found that the blood pressure was 160/100 but indeed the vaccination screening limit was 180/100. It is possible that the hypertension, which is unknown, will not be controlled,” said dr. Sardiana salam, Sp.S, M.kes.

“So maybe we explain this undetected history that turns out to be hypertension which eventually causes blood vessel rupture which causes extensive bleeding stroke,” said dr. Sardiana salam, Sp.S, M.kes.



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