Bloomberg: a future thinner MacBook Air with MagSafe and a MacBook Pro with SD card reader

The first Mac M1 were just appetizers, Apple would prepare major changes for the next generations. According to Mark Gurman, decidedly in shape at the moment, the future MacBook Air will be thinner and lighter.

Its screen would still be 13 “diagonal, but the bezels would be reduced. Like the next MacBook Pro, the new MacBook Air would benefit from a MagSafe port for charging with a magnetic connector. The ultraportable would still have two USB 4 ports – which we can still imagine being able to be used for recharging too – as well as a new generation Apple Silicon chip.

A MagSafe connector!

According to the Bloomberg reporter, this new MacBook Air will be a higher-end version of the current model. We can therefore expect that the MacBook Air M1 will remain in the catalog while the new one starts at a higher price. This future MacBook Air should be released in the second half of the year at the earliest, or even in 2022.

By the way, Apple is reportedly considering making a 15 “screen MacBook Air, but the project is not expected to materialize for the next generation. Maybe later?

That’s not all. Recent rumors about the MacBook Pro redesign enchanted you? Mark Gurman is putting on a layer. He repeats that future MacBook Pro (which would have 14 “and 16” screens) will no longer have a Touch Bar and he adds today that they will have… an SD card reader. Phil Schiller had yet defended the absence of SD reader on MacBook Pros not so long ago, but he also swore that butterfly keyboards had a future. We know how that’s over

An SD card reader!

With the return of the MagSafe and the SD card reader as well as the disappearance of the Touch Bar, Apple would finally respond to the main criticisms made on its laptops since 2016. Not to mention the sensational benefits provided by Apple Silicon chips in terms of power and performance. ‘autonomy.

Do you want more ? Apple was working on integrating cellular connectivity and Face ID into Macs, but these two projects should not materialize immediately. Face ID was reportedly planned for the 2020 iMacs before the feature was finally pushed back. The next iMacs should still benefit from a brand new design in the coming months as well as a home processor.

Another great year ahead for the Mac.


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