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Bloomberg will free women who want to talk from their agreements | U.S


Michael Bloomberg has announced Friday his decision to release the commitment not to speak to three women who signed confidentiality agreements on harassment and sexist comments at work, something to which the candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party refused the past in the Last debate in Nevada.

“[La compañía] Bloomberg has identified three Confidentiality Agreements (NDA) signed in the last 30 years with women on comments that say that I [Mike Bloomberg] said. If any of them wants to be free of their commitment, they should contact the company and they will be released from the agreement, ”said the former mayor in a statement posted on his campaign website.

Founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, a company to which Bloomberg News belongs, the tycoon was criticized last Wednesday by Senator Elizabeth Warren and other rivals during the last Democratic debate over her refusal to let former employees break the pact of silence signed with the Confidentiality Agreement and thus allow accusations against the politician to see the public light.

Warren attacked Bloomberg hard in Las Vegas, Nevada. “The Democrats are not going to win if we have a candidate with a history of harassing women,” said the senator opening the ban against the billionaire. Warren insisted – and intended to start a mogul’s commitment on that stage – in the accusations that existed against Bloomberg for harassment and sexist comments and demanded that he “release” the women with whom he had signed confidentiality agreements so that they can speak freely about their experiences.

“We are not going to win Trump with a man who has who knows how many confidentiality agreements with women,” the senator warned. Bloomberg did not want to reveal how many such agreements exist and said the cases will continue in secret on the grounds that it was they, the women, who “decided with the agreement that they wanted to remain silent.”

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“I have reflected a lot on this issue in recent days and have decided that while running the company we will not offer more Confidentiality Agreements to resolve complaints of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior,” Bloomberg continues in the statement.

The candidate acknowledges that such agreements, specifically when used in a context of sexual harassment or assault, promote a culture of silence at work and contribute to women not feeling safe or supported. In his first debate since he jumped into the race for the nomination to opt for the White House, the billionaire explained that the women who had raised complaints against him of the only thing they could accuse him of had made jokes that they didn’t like.

Since this issue jumped into public opinion, Warren has not released the dam. During a meeting with voters on Thursday night, the senator was blunt to say that if Bloomberg did not let women speak and break their pacts of silence, the former mayor was “disqualified to be president of the United States.”



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