Blue dollar today: how much is it trading this Wednesday, June 3

It should be remembered that as of this Monday, June 1, savers who want to acquire the US $ 200 monthly allowed by the Central Bank in banks must present an affidavit stating that they have not operated in cash with liquidation or MEP in the last ninety days.

In addition to this, companies that have dollars outside the country must use these funds to meet the payment of their commitments abroad; among other measures aimed at taking pressure off the official exchange market.

Over the past month, different measures have been carried out to alleviate the pressure on the exchange market, both in the official segment and in the stock market.

The first one was taken by the BCRA when it established that a person who made purchases for up to $ 200 in the retail market will not be able to carry out operations in the CCL and the MEP for 30 days after the date that acquisition was made.

Additionally, last Tuesday the National Securities Commission (CNV) decided to establish a “parking” for five business days to purchase bonds, which in practice implies that whoever wants to enter pesos and leave dollars through the sale and purchase of government securities, you will have to face the risk of fluctuating securities until the deadline to sell the bonds and get the dollars.

Since the beginning of the mandatory quarantine decreed by the Government, the blue dollar accumulates a jump of $ 38.50 (on March 20 it had closed at $ 85.50).


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