Blue dollar today: how much it is trading this Wednesday, October 28

Thus, In the days that go this week, the blue accumulated a loss of $ 14, going from the record of $ 195 to the current $ 181.

Thus, the exchange gap was shortened to 131.13%, given the closing at $ 78.31 in the official wholesale market. Since last Friday, the spread with the legal quote has dropped almost 20 percentage points, from 150%.

The new decline in the parallel occurred in a reduced market place and without genuine currency buyers, given the An expectation that generated a bond tender from the Ministry of Economy in order to absorb liquidity, traders said. The five bond tender includes a bond linked to the dollar (dollar link).

For his part, President Alberto Fern├índez once again ruled out a sharp devaluation of the peso on Monday. “Devaluing is very easy, but devaluing is a machine to generate poverty (…) We want an Argentina that grows, develops, produces and exports, so we want to get the dollars,” he said.


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