Blue Origin completes its first manned flight with company founder Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin

Followed by After Virgin Galactic, Another billionaire took his own rocket and took a short space trip. This time of course it is Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon, and his brother Mark Bezos, Wally Funk and the first paying passenger Oliver Daemon.Successfully launchedAt the edge of space at a height of 100 kilometers, the rocket and the manned capsule respectively smoothly landed on the land surface. In addition to the launch of Blue Origin, this launch also carried the longest astronaut (Funk, 82 years old) and the youngest astronaut (Daemon, 18 years old). Blue Origin did not forget to point out again that although Virgin Galactic was launched first, the company’s service only reached an altitude of 50 miles (approximately 80 kilometers), which is in line with NASA’s definition of space, butDoes not reach the “internationally recognized” altitude of 100 kilometers

However, in terms of private companies developing their own rockets and manning them into space, SpaceX Demo-2 One step faster; and if the seat that NASA bought is considered a “commercial transfer”, then SpaceX’s Crew-1 It is also the first business transfer task. But if the crew is composed entirely of civilians, SpaceX will have to wait until the Inspiration-4 mission later this year, which is a bit slower. However, Inspiration-4 will stay in orbit for three days, which is not on the same level as Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin, which is a few minutes up and down.

Of course, in addition to Bezos’ space dream, this Blue Origin mission is more to prove the safety of the New Shepard rocket and to announce the advent of a new era of space tourism. Next, we will see how big a market there is for space tourism and how quickly the price can be reduced to the point where we can even ride on it.

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