Blue Origin: William Shatner won’t be able to sell anything he takes to space

The iconic actor William Shatner (90 years old) will become the oldest person to go into space this Wednesday.

Shatner, known for his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, will make the trip with Blue Origin, the aerospace company of Jeff Bezos.

The Blue Shepard rocket will lift off from Texas with Shatner and three other crew members. Space travel will be like the one you experienced Jeff Bezos and it will last about ten minutes.

Blue Origin conditions

Yes OK Shatner was invited by Jeff Bezos, confessed fan of Star Trek, you will have to follow the rules of the trip.

One of them is curious: you will not be able to sell anything you take into space.

“I have family and friends collecting little reminders so I can take them. They remain in a small blue bag. You can’t sell them or monetize them, ”Shatner told Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Rules Blue Origin They even prohibit their clients from selling the documents they signed before their space travel. However, Shatner will take some acquaintances objects into space. “I have three or four trinkets from other people that I will take into space,” he confessed.


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