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The latest work “Blue Reflection Emperor” developed by GUST, the development team of Koei Tecmo, was officially launched today. This time we also unpacked the physical collection version this time, so that you can experience the most popular JK (high school girl) game this year.

This time the “Blue Reflection Emperor” Collector’s Edition does not require too much additional packaging. The reason is simple, because the contents of the Collector’s Edition this time is a big container: a high school shoulder bag.


Although the material of this one-shoulder schoolbag is still not as good as the real schoolbag, it is already quite JK-like. In this schoolbag is placed other contents of this collection, including “Hoshizaki Aiyo” special illustration bath towel, “acrylic” Mini character charms (2 types)” and the special edition of “BLUE REFLECTION: Emperor”. The contents of the special edition will be described later.


The first is Hoshizaki Aiyo’s bath towel, which is basically the same size bath towel. Although it is thin, no one should be willing to use it, as well as two acrylic mini-character pendants, each of which is Hoshizaki Ai’s JK style. And the “anti-imager” type.


There is also a photo album of everyone’s memories. The cover is like a high school girl’s notebook, but when opened, it is actually an introduction to all the characters appearing in this game, which is essentially a personal introduction book.



In addition to schoolbags, bath towels, and pendants, there is also a special edition of “BLUE REFLECTION: Emperor”, which includes the Chinese version of “BLUE REFLECTION: Emperor”, a special plot CD, a special illustration B2 cloth poster, and a student manual style. The download serial number of the photo album and Aiyang costume “Lysha Style”.


The cover of the plot CD this time is also like a high school girl’s graffiti. In addition, in the student handbook, there will be a photo of all the characters on the stage. This photo is also printed on photo paper, which is quite good.






The cloth poster is of Ai Hoshizaki’s anti-imager type, which has a different feeling from the swimsuit type of the bath towel.


Finally, here is a photo of the contents of the Collector’s Edition

The official has announced the next two free updates, the first will be released on November 4th, will add Hoshizaki Aiyo, Tenacity, Miyauchi Rena, Shirai Ninako, Kasuga Shiho, Hirano Sakura in the photography mode The anti-imager shape of, and additional filters “Watercolor” and “Hatching”.


The second update will be released on November 18th and will add photo frames “postcards”, “mobile phone cameras” and “puzzles” in photography mode, as well as postures “idols (4 types)”, “kneeling positions” and “probes”. In addition, the school development facility “Studio” and the highest difficulty of the game “MUST DIE” are added.


In addition to the above two DLCs, as long as the player has the early bonuses for the two works of “BLUE REFLECTION: Emperor” and “Sophie’s Atelier 2~The Unbelievable Alchemist~”, they will liberate each other’s in-game Special clothing.


“Blue Reflection Emperor” is now available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and the Steam version will be released on November 9.


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