“BLUE REFLECTION: Emperor” releases information such as worldview introduction, new character information and worldview related system “Blue Reflection: Second Light”

Produced by KOEITECMO Games, with Meier Kishida as the visual and character design, Taiwan Koei Tecmo is scheduled to launch on October 21, 2021.BLUE REFLECTION“A new role-playing game in one of the cross-media complex projects”BLUE REFLECTION: 帝(BLUE REFLECTION TIE)”, recently released information on worldview introduction, new character information, and systems related to the worldview.

Public cover illustration

In that last summer, we embarked on a journey of searching for something truly precious.


One day, a brand new place suddenly appeared in a world with nothing beyond the school and the surface of the water, “Mind Like Space”. In this incredible space, deja vu in the original world exists irregularly.

Will there be clues about this world here? In the process of exploring the “Mind-like Space”, I found the incredible light “fragments of memory”. When Ai Yang and the others touched it, the memory of resilience slowly began to recover.

It turned out that the “fragments of memory” in this space seemed to be related to the memory of the heart. While recalling the precious things, and echoing them, a new girl, the girl whose heart called her “Shifan”, appeared in this world.

What is “Mind Image Space”? What is going on in this world? The girls are still trapped in layers of unsolved mysteries.


Kasuga Shiho
CV: Emiri Suyama

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  • Are we locked up?

The girl who appeared in front of Ai Yang and others because of a certain opportunity. He is a gentle and serious gifted student. Enthusiastic to help others, good at doing housework. Although she also lost her memory, her heart seemed to know Shifan.

Kasuga Shifan is also scheduled to plan the first work “BLUE REFLECTION” in “BLUE REFLECTION”BLUE REFLECTION SUN / 燦Appeared in “, and is one of the key characters that connect the story of “SUN / Chan” and “TIE / Emperor”.

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  • With the addition of new members, the school life becomes more lively

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  • The school’s magic transformation plan and cooperative cooking… Even if you lose your memory, there are still many happy things


Mysterious space “Mind-like space”

An incredible space unfolding outside the school. Just like the inner community habitat, Ai Yang and others named it after this.

As long as you explore the mental image space, you can obtain the necessities of the girls’ lives such as food and crafting materials.

In addition, “fragments of memory” are scattered in the mental image space. Once recovered, you can see some of the missing memories of the girls, which is also the key to solving the mystery of the world.

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There are various obstacles and monsters in the mental space. There are powerful BOSS monsters in the depths, which will block the girl who is trying to solve the mystery of the world.

Live Navigation

On the day when the mental image space appeared, a character suddenly appeared on the phone. Although he will give Aiyang and others the necessary information for life, he will also listen to everyone’s conversation without authorization and warn him not to approach the mental image space. It is strange to have a sense of autonomy.

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Livnavigation will help Aiyang and others when they encounter difficulties in life in this world, and will also tell them about the mental space, but the purpose and true face are surrounded by mysteries.

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Product Information

  • game name:BLUE REFLECTION: 帝

  • Corresponding platform: PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam

  • Game type: role playing

  • Release Date: October 21, 2021 (Thursday)※ The release date of the Steam version has not been determined.

  • Suggested price: Recommended price of the regular version is NT$1,990
    The recommended price of the special edition is NT$2,790
    The recommended price of the Collector’s Edition is NT $ 4,990
    The recommended price of the download version is NT$1,990

  • Early purchase benefits:

    • Aiyang special clothing “Midsummer Bikini” download serial number
      The download serial number is enclosed in the first physical version! This bonus can also be obtained by purchasing the download version within 2 weeks after the release.
      ※ May be used for paid downloads in the future.
  • The physical version of the first batch of enclosing bonuses:

    • “Cat Ear Headband” (tentative name) download serial number
      ※ May be used for paid downloads in the future.
  • Number of players: 1

  • Classification mark: auxiliary 15 level

  • Product website:https://bluereflection-tie.com/

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    “Cat Ear Headband” (tentative name)

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    Midsummer Bikini

Expected to support download content

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Bonus version

  • Special plot CD A message from Ai Yang “Is the school surrounded by the sea real? #我不住此生活生活#I heard the last one”

  • Aiyang dedicated the first release of clothing “Lysha Style” download serial number

  • Special Illustrator B2 Cloth Poster

  • Student Manual Style Photo Album

  • Game software (regular version)
    ※ The picture is a schematic diagram, the content and design of the bundle may be changed without warning.
    ※ The download serial number of the clothing “Lysha Style” released in advance by Aiyang will be released for free in the future.

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Collector’s Edition

  • Everyone’s Memories Album

  • Ai Hoshizaki Special Illustrated Bath Towel

  • Acrylic mini character pendant (2 types)

  • Shoulder bag

  • +Special Edition Bundle Content 5 Pieces
    ※ The picture is a schematic diagram. ※ The content and design of the bundle may be changed without warning.
    ※ The download serial number of the clothing “Lysha Style” released in advance by Aiyang will be released for free in the future.

Digital Deluxe Edition: Details will be announced in the future.

Reservation bonus: details will be announced in the future.

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