Blue screen after Windows update: Certain HP models affected

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Another Windows update causes problems. This time, certain HP-made PCs are affected, media reports. Their users are frightened by a crash report. But there should be a simple solution.

After a Windows update, problems can always occur on different computers. Now, according to, it has hit certain PCs from HP. Accordingly, after the update installation on a computer of the “Omen” model series, users were faced with a so-called “blue screen of death” – that is, a serious system crash, which is manifested by an error message on a blue background.

According to, several users of “Omen” systems complain about the same problem in HP forums. In all cases, the screen shows the same cryptic message: “KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED”. At first glance, it is not clear what caused the crash. The suspicion is that the problem is caused by the Windows Defender antivirus.

HP recommends pausing updates

A restart of the system helps after the crash. To prevent the problem from occurring again, users should reset the update, i.e. restore an earlier system state. We explain how to do this here. In addition, users of an “Omen” PC should temporarily suspend automatic updates so that the faulty file is not reinstalled. You can find a manual here.

The alternative is to turn off Windows Defender. This prevents the blue screen, but also leaves the system unprotected. It is better to suppress the faulty update and wait for Microsoft and HP to deliver a solution.

It’s not the first time that a Windows update is causing serious problems. At the beginning of February, users also reported blue screen advertisements and sound dropouts.



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