Blues: Laurence Jones Band, first successful in Paris

Unknown until now in France apart from pure blues lovers, Laurence Jones tries a breakthrough in France: her latest album, simply titled "Laurence Jones Band", is correctly distributed by us, and the artist turns in our country, thanks to a good star which we will speak a little lower.

27-year-old Laurence Jones, from Liverpool, is part of this young generation fed up with her parents' records, rediscovering the simple pleasure of a good riff, a guitar solo, a catchy chorus. It started very early, since the legend says that with his first trio, he was already turning 17 years old with Johnny Winter or Walter Trout!

Already author of 6 albums across the Channel, none of which had previously reached our ears, he released in September a record of the same name that could appeal to the general public. Because, like a Joe Bonamassa of the beginnings, or a Kenny Wayne Shepherd of today, Laurence Jones does not disdain to make detours on the side of the classic rock, and rather stonian, as evidenced by the excellent "Everything's gonna be alright" or "Stay" on his last record. Of course, our friend masters the codes of the blues to perfection, so listen to "Mistreated" (nothing to do with Deep Purple) or "Long Long Lonely Ride" to convince you. Some small slag clutter the album, such as the useless recovery of the Beatles "Day Tripper" or the too good "The Love". But these are just trifles compared to the level of the rest of the album.

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Like us, there were many who were eager to attend the performance of the Laurence Jones Band, Thursday night in Paris, in the legendary Jazz Club Étoile, located in the Parisian hotel Le Méridien. Even where had legends like B.B. King or Count Basie …

Nothing to impress our young gifted British and his team, reinforced by a chorister. With a big smile constantly on the face, the guitarist and singer delivers a full and intense performance from end to end for an hour and a half, starting with a very souly "Wipe Those Tears Dry", then a stonien on the devil "Stay" . Eager to communicate with the audience, even briefly, the artist announces some songs, such as "Beautiful Place", "a song written for my mom! ".

Carte blanche

Laurence Jones, usually armed with a Fender Stratocaster, delivers some sparkling solos, such as the fantastic "Take Me", but it also gives carte blanche to his friends. The keyboard player Bennett Holland and balance on "Quite Like You" a pretty organ solo standing, carried by enthusiasm. Laurence even lets herself leave the scene, the time that the rest of the group performs without him "Feelin'Alright", a cover of Traffic popularized by Joe Cocker.

A good riff, it's only true./Dom Gilbert
A good riff, it's only true./Dom Gilbert

The second part of the concert is also full of tributes, since parade almost in the lows of their "All Along The Watchtower" (Bob Dylan), "Before You Accuse Me" (Bo Diddley) and "Fortunate Son" (Creedence Clearwater Revival). With just between two personal pearls, "Thunder In The Sky" and "Everything's Gonna Be Alright".

At the back of the room, there is one who does not lose a crumb, it's Manu Lanvin. The French bluesman appreciates, but he is also there to see how his "colt" behaves, to whom he decided to give a helping hand by helping him to shoot in France. And tonight, he is satisfied, just like us!

New wave of British blues

Parties are refreshed at the end of their concert, the British are also obliged to give a reminder, at the insistence of the public. The latter is entitled to a "Live It Up" extra and particularly cheerful, to end the evening with dignity. A spectator present spoke of "new wave British blues". With Laurence Jones, and talents like Aaron Keylock or Mike Brookfield, there is indeed enough to believe …


"Laurence Jones Band" by Laurence Jones Band (Top Stop Music / The Orchard)

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