BMW M8 Competition: 625 hp from the circuit to the road

BMW adds to its M range its most luxurious and wild model, the M8 Competition, in Coupé and Cabrio version. These two new high-performance sports cars are now available with a price of 192,500 euros for the first, and 200,500 for the Convertible. In the process of developing this model of the German firm, the M8 GTE has played a fundamental role. The performance-oriented character of the engine, transmission and chassis makes it possible for both developments to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 and 3.3 seconds, respectively; and reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

In its exterior design, on the front, the large air intakes and the BMW grill with the characteristic M double blades stand out; on the side, the widened fins with gills and aerodynamically optimized rearview mirrors stand out. In the back, in M8 Competition it has a rear spoiler, as well as four tailpipes, distinctive of the purebred M.

The only difference between the two versions is the 9 mm less height of the Cabrio, and its flexible multilayer hood that can be opened or closed in 15 seconds, even running up to 50 km / h. In the Coupé, its roof defines its character, a double bubble contour and made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), reminiscent of that of racing cars.

Pure M flavor
Inside, there are exclusive details of M and luxurious materials, it is also easy to feel the quality and ergonomics of the seats and the driving position. Seats, M Sport series, which have implemented an electric adjustment of several positions and memory function. In this regard, a semi-electric function is also included to lower the front backrests, which facilitates access to the rear seats; and the backrest has a 50:50 division as standard, to lower one or both sections and increase the volume of cargo, 420 liters for the Coupé, and 350 for the Cabrio.

The BMW Head-Up Display with specifically M content, the Driving Assistant, the Parking Assistant, as well as the intuitive BMW Live Cockpit Professional (with navigation system and the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant) is very useful and convenient.

Note that the new Setup button located in the center of the console provides direct access to engine settings, dampers, steering, M xDrive system and brake system, which can be programmed according to personal preferences and conditions marching. It is also possible to save two individual combinations of these M settings – located on both sides of the steering wheel -, with the driver’s preferences for the sound of the engine, the operating characteristics of the M Steptronic eight-speed gearbox, the stability control and the Auto Start Stop function.

Another new device is the M Mode button in the center of the console, with which the driver can modify the response of the driving assistance systems, the information shown in the instrumentation and the Head-Up Display. The M Mode activates the «Road», «Sport» and «Track» settings, exclusively for circuit use.

Bravo and refined
It is equipped with a high-performance V8 engine of 625 hp and 750 Nm, associated with an eight-speed M Steptronic gearbox, although the really funny thing in a model with these characteristics is to use the M shift cams on the steering wheel.

Another factor in the extraordinary performance of the new BMW M8 is the M xDrive all-wheel drive system, with an operation in which the rear axle is preponderant. The centralized control of the interaction between the M xDrive and the active differential M ensures a transmission of power to the road without losses. Using the Setup menu, the driver can choose between the 4WD default setting and the 4WD Sport mode, which directs an even larger proportion to the rear wheels.

Disabling Dynamic Stability Control (DSC: Dynamic Stability Control) gives access to the 2WD mode: the power is then sent only to the rear wheels and control system interventions are eliminated. This creates a driving experience of unique purity for the most advanced drivers. Therefore, the vehicle will insist on asking if you really want to disable this option.

This model is energetic, agile and with an extraordinary poise. It seems as if you are traveling on rails, with comfortable and safe driving. The latter assist the standard assistance devices, which can be complemented with a wide range of systems designed to facilitate the work of the driver in monotonous traffic situations and, therefore, improve both comfort and safety.

An element that has excited us especially and that encourage us to continue driving is the M Sportgenera exhaust system, which gives the model an even more expressive sound. It offers a precise reflection of the engine’s power delivery, especially when you step on the throttle or take the engine to the highest speeds. In addition, selecting the Sport Plus mode takes the engine and its sound even closer to the world of competition. .

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