Boats transformed into lodges to accommodate tourists



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After the treehouse, several enthusiasts offer to transform sailboats into lodges. This innovative idea could appeal to several vacationers.

Jean-Hugues owns a sailboat, which he ended up selling after more than 30 years of sailing. Impossible for him that his boat ends up being scrapped. This is the reason why he preferred to sell his property after renovation, to give it a second life. The retired sailor is not the only one to convert his sailboat. “Typically, we take sailboats that are between six meters fifty and sixteen meters”, says Didier Tocqué, director of the Bartho shipyard.

He explains that 80% of boats are over 40 years old, and 80% of owners are over 65 years old. “Many former owners who have made great trips with their boats offer them to us”, he continues. The objective is to transform damaged boats into real palaces on dry land, intended for campsites, luxury hotels, or even businesses.

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