Bob Dylan sells all of his songs to Universal Music

The major has acquired more than 600 titles from the legendary singer for an estimated amount of $ 300 million.

It is one of the most important acquisitions in the history of music. The group Universal Music, a subsidiary of Vivendi, has just announced that it has purchased the rights to the entire catalog of Bob Dylan songs. The agreement covers more than 600 songs, including the most famous like “Blowin ‘In the Wind”, “The Times They are a-Changing” or “Like a Rolling Stone”.

The agreement signed with the iconic artist covers almost 60 years of career. It is not, however, about the songs that the artist might compose in the future. Universal Music did not specify the amount of this mega deal. But, according to the New York Times, it could amount to $ 300 million.

Since releasing his debut album in 1961, Bob Dylan, now 79, has sold over 125 million records worldwide. His tracks have been recorded over 6,000 times by hundreds of artists such as Adele, U2, Guns N ‘Roses and Stevie Wonder. He is also the only singer to have received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, “for creating new poetic expressions in the great tradition of American song».

According to Sir Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music, Bob Dylan has “accumulated a singular work which includes some of the greatest and most popular songs the world has ever known ”. “Brilliant and moving, inspiring and beautiful, insightful and provocative, her songs are timeless – whether they were written over half a century ago or yesterday.“, He said in a press release. “It is no exaggeration to say that his vast work has captured the love and admiration of billions of people around the world.»


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