Bobi Wine is already going back to the countryside

Barely released on bail, Bobi Wine reappeared in public. The star singer turned MP does not want to let go despite the bloodshed that followed his last arrest.

During a ceremony in Kampala which served as a tribute to the 37 victims of the clashes between his supporters and the Ugandan intervention forces, the future presidential candidate made a point of addressing the current head of power, Yoweri Museveni :

“He (Yoweri Museveni) is facing a generation that is both hungry and angry. A generation that is determined to do everything in its power to gain its freedom. A generation that has expressed it in the past and still says it. : “We are not your slaves.” Brutality, tear gas jets, or torture will not stop us. “

The international community condemned the violence. United Nations spokesman Stéphane Dujarric called for a return “to democracy in the country in view of free and fair elections “.

Pending the presidential election scheduled for January 2021, Bobi Wine will have to appear first on December 18 in Ugandan justice for holding a public meeting “likely to spread the Covid-19 infection”

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