Boca champion in Reserve with an emotional ending

“Come on, come on, come on.” The song of the kids starts from the central circle and resounds loudly throughout the Ezeiza complex. Boca, indeed, he was champion again. After nine years of drought, the Reserva del Black Ibarra they beat Arsenal 2 to 1 with a goal from Simoni in the discount and won the Reserve Tournament 2021. A lo Boca, gentlemen …

Yes, in the absence of a date for the end, those led by Hugo Ibarra and Mauricio Serna stomped on Gerli (it was played in El Porvenir) and met the goal set at the beginning of the season. They had to win yes or yes and they did it in the end, with agony and emotion, as to make the party complete. For that, the kid Valentino Simoni was key, who entered the second half and scored two goals.

Thus, the Xeneize once again shouted champion after almost a decade, since the last title in the category had been achieved in the 2011/2012 Season, led by Oscar Regenhardt and with several players who later repeated in First: Sebastián D’Angelo, Leandro Martín, Exequiel Benavídez, Orlando Gaona Lugo, Gonzalo Escalante, Sergio Araujo and Pol Fernández, among others.

Boca needed to win to turn around. And for that, he had to turn it, precisely. Because he lost 1 to 0 and ended up winning it 2 to 1 with goals from Simone. On Friday, as the boys entered Ezeiza, Colón beat Atlético Tucumán in Santa Fe (1-0) and did not allow him to secure the title without playing. However, the kids cared little. They gave themselves a victory against Arsenal and put the finishing touch to a real bell: 14 wins, seven draws and just three defeats, with the leading scorer (47) and one the second least defeated goal (23).

The assumption of Negro Ibarra marked a before and after in the Reserve’s journey. Until then, with Sebastián Battaglia as coach, Xeneize had reaped one victory, three defeats and a draw. In the middle, it is true, the kids had to play two First Division matches against Banfield and San Lorenzo as a result of the mandatory isolation of the professional squad, a situation that weakened the team and prevented them from scoring many points at the beginning of the season.

With Ibarra, on the other hand, Boca was a whirlwind: 13 wins, six draws and zero defeats, with several resounding victories such as 4-0 against Patronato in the debut, another 4-0 against Racing on the ninth date, 3-0 to River as a visitor, a 5-0 to Lanús, a 6-0 to Godoy Cruz and a resounding 4-1 against San Lorenzo. In addition, he scored six consecutive victories between dates 13 and 18 and paraded at the end of the tournament. He added two browns against Sarmiento (4-4) and Independiente (0-0), but the difference with respect to the rest was already substantial. He grabbed the tip on date 19 and didn’t get off any further.

Title figures? Well, there are several … The archer Lastra kept Boca alive in the most complicated moments (this Saturday, he even covered a tremendous one in the end); Equi Fernández brought balance and clarity in the midfield and Rodrigo Montes, already touching the Primera, was also important to achieve the goal. However, there are three other surnames that cannot be overlooked: Exequiel Zeballos (the team’s top scorer with 9 goals), Vicente Taborda (the 10 that Riquelme likes) and Ezequiel Barco, another of the jewels of the Inferiores that caused a very good sensation in their three games in First Division.

Now, the definition of the tournament of champions

Although there is still a match against Central Córdoba de Santiago, Boca is already thinking about the awards (it would be 12/12 in the Bombonera, in the prevalence of the First match) and the Champions Trophy, which will be played on Wednesday 15 / 12 in the afternoon, possibly in the Lanús court. The rival will be Sarmiento, who was consecrated in the first semester of the year after just beating Boca in a tiebreaker match.

The most winner in Reserve

Xeneize, however, is by several bodies the most winning team in the category taking into account the amateur period and Professionalism (the contest was not played between 1971 and 1980 and between 1999 and 2007). Sum, in total, 21 official titles, seven more than River, eight more than San Lorenzo and 11 more than Independiente.

Cheers guys!

The bell

1st date: Union 1 – Boca 0

2nd date: Banfield 1 – Boca 3

4th date: Workshops 1 – Boca 1

5th date: Boca 0 – Argentinos 1

6th date: Students 2 – Boca 1

7th date: Boca 4 – Board 0

8th date: Platense 2 – Boca 2

9th date: Boca 4 – Racing 0

10th date: Central 1 – Boca 3

11th date: Boca 3 – Defense 2

12th date: A. Tucumán 1 – Boca 1

13th date: Boca 3 – Colón 1

14th closes: River 0 – Mouth 3

15th date: Boca 5 – Lanús 0

Date 16: Hurricane 1 – Boca 2

17th date: Boca 6 – Godoy Cruz 0

Date 18: Vélez 1 – Boca 2

Date 19: Boca 1 – Gymnastics 1

20th date: Aldosivi 1 – Boca 1

3rd date Boca 4 – San Lorenzo 1 (pending, played on November 11)

Date 21: Boca 4 – Sarmiento 4

22nd date: Independent 0 – Boca 0

23rd date: Boca 1 – Newell’s 0

Date 24: Arsenal 1 – Boca 2


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