Boca started the Summer Tournament with victory against Colo Colo

Xeneize beat the Chilean team 2-0 with goals from Pulpo González and Zeballos at the Estadio UNO de Estudiantes in La Plata.

Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors


colo colo

colo colo


79′ 2T: Boca Juniors – Free kick goal by Oscar Exequiel Zeballos
9′ 1T: Boca Juniors – Diego Hernán González’s play goal

Boca he beat this Monday 2-0 Colo Colo from Chile for Group A summer tournament which takes place at the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium. The Xeneize showed some interesting passages because it was their first international friendly match before the boiling of their public.

Sebastián Battaglia’s team had a good start thanks to a Sebastian Villa on who already warned with a free kick at the minute very well covered by Brayan Cortés and, after nine minutes, he saw only from the right Diego Gonzalez to enable it and allow him to open the scoring with a low, cross shot from outside the box.

However, with the passing of the minutes they were the Chileans who matched the procedure and, beyond not threatening in the last meters, they left the advantage in suspense. Likewise, before the break Eduardo Salvio was bitten by a shot when he was licking his lips for the second.

In the complement, Gastón Ávila put in a great deep pass from the baseline for Nicolás Orsini, who went hand in hand with the goalkeeper very close. later there was a goal annulled to the visit with a Juan Martín Lucero, the former Vélez, barely advanced. Until at 34, when DT xeneize had already gotten his hands on the team by removing Salvio, Villa and Pulpo González (these last two touched) by Exequiel Zeballos, Aaron Molinas and Cristian Medina, el Changuito was dispatched at 34 with a free kick from the left to the near post when everyone was waiting for a cross and closed the game.

Boca thus sealed with a jewel a round night for a path that is just beginning.

ST 50m Match Finish

Boca celebrated 2-0 against Colo Colo.


Zeballos deceives in a free kick from the left that asked for a cross with a shot to the angle of the near post.

Boca goal – Exequiel Zeballos (2-0)


Boca goal - Exequiel Zeballos (2-0)

ST 25m Gol anulado a Colo Colo

Fine success of the line judge by Lucero offside.

Colo Colo’s goal annulled against Boca


Colo Colo's goal annulled against Boca

ST 9m Orsini cannot extend the account

The striker receives a good deep pass from Ávila but defines close to face to face with the goalkeeper.

Orsini cannot extend in Boca – Colo Colo


Orsini cannot extend in Boca - Colo Colo

Start the second half!

Boca and Colo Colo continue their action in La Plata.

PT 46m First Half End

Boca beats Colo Colo 1-0.

PT 41m Arrival for Salvio

El Toto receives from the right and they bite the shot that could be the second.

Salvio misses Boca’s second against Colo Colo


Salvio misses Boca's second against Colo Colo


Villa enables Pulpo González to the right, who, with room to settle, defines low and crossed from outside the area.

Boca goal – Diego Gonzalez (1-0)


Boca goal - Diego Gonzalez (1-0)

PT 5m Ávila takes it cheap

The kid from Boca throws a strong iron in the middle of the field but the judge does not notice it.

Avila’s plank


Avila's plank

PT 1m Almost almost Villa!

The Colombian executes a free kick to the left corner that Cortés clears for a corner.

Villa’s first attempt in Boca – Colo Colo


Villa's first attempt in Boca - Colo Colo

It’s already played in UNO!

Boca and Colo Colo meet in La Plata.

Boca and Colo Colo, to the field!

The Xeneize and the Cacique come out onto the lawn of the Estudiantes de La Plata stadium.

The welcome of the official account of Boca to Battaglia

The xeneizes networks focused on the ratified coach in his position for all of 2022.


Boca is already in La Plata and is preparing to face Colo Colo

The Xeneize bus is already at the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium, where from 9:00 p.m. it will collide with the Cacique.

mouth vs. Colo Colo, for the Summer Tournament: formations, time and live TV


mouth vs.  Colo Colo, for the Summer Tournament: formations, time and live TV

The UNO Stadium, ready to receive Boca and Colo Colo

This is how the Student court is, waiting for the clash between Xeneize and Cacique for the Summer Tournament.

UNO Students Stadium

Against which teams will Boca play in the Summer Tournament

  • Boca vs. Colo Colo, on 1/17 at 9:00 p.m.
  • Boca vs. University of Chile, on 1/21 at 9:00 p.m.
  • If your group wins: Boca vs. Group B finalist (San Lorenzo/Independent/Workshops), on 1/25 at 9 p.m.

The record of Boca vs. colo colo

They faced each other in 27 matches between friendlies and official matches

  • Boca won 17 times
  • Colo Colo won 6 times
  • tied 4 times

last antecedent: Mouth 4 – 3 Colo Colo (3/27/08), for the 2008 Copa Libertadores.

Boca Colo Colo

The data of Boca vs. Colo Colo, for the Summer Tournament

  • Hour: 21
  • Stadium: ONE Jorge Luis Hirschi (Students of La Plata)
  • TV: Fox Sports Premium
  • Referee: Dario Herrera

After several days of a preseason “old fashioned”, full of strength and intensity work to improve the physical condition of the players, the Xeneize He will assume his first commitment of the year and Sebastián Battaglia has in mind to plan a team with several surprises.

The most resounding appearance will be that of Gaston Avila, the young defender who returned after his loan at Rosario Central and will occupy the sector he left vacant red frames, absent due to muscular discomfort. Another noticeable drop will be that of Augustine Almond, who argued with the DT, did not participate in the last soccer rehearsal and nor does he make up the list of summoned for the clash with the Chileans.

The Solano native will be replaced by Diego Gonzalez. The Octopus will be accompanied in midfield by Juan Ramírez and Alan Varela, who will once again have an opportunity from the start. Also up front will be Nicholas Orsini as an area reference and, on the sides, Edward Salvio Y Sebastian Villa.

On the side of Cacique, coach Gustavo Quinteros plans to repeat the same surnames that defeated Universidad de Chile 2-1 last Friday, in his debut in the Hexagonal Tournament held in La Plata.

The formation of Boca vs. Colo Colo, for the Summer Tournament

Agustin Rossi; Luis advincula, Carlos Leftz, Gaston Ávila, Frank Fabra; Diego González, Alan Varela, Juan Ramirez; Eduardo Salvio, Nicholas Orsini and Sebastian Villa.

The formation of Colo Colo vs. Boca, for the Summer Tournament

Brayan Cuts; Oscar Opazo, Maximiano Falcon, Daniel Gutierrez and Gabriel Suazo; César Sources, Esteban Pavez and Gabriel Costas; Marcos hefty, Juan Martin Lucero and Pablo Solar.

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