Boca’s formation to face Racing

Miguel Ángel Russo will make two changes regarding the victory against The Strongest for the Copa Libertadores: Agustín Rossi and Jorman Campuzano enter.

Boca performs his last training session before leaving for San Juan to face Racing, for the LPF Cup and Miguel Ángel Russo, the coach, has already defined the team. It will be with of the variants regarding the victory against The Strongest for the Copa Libertadores.

Agustin Rossi will enter the arc for Esteban Andrada. The reasons are two: the first, that it was who had been occupying that position in the local tournament; the second, his good statistics on penalties, with the definition against River as a precedent (he saved two), and with the possibility of having to resort to 12 steps also against La Academia.

On the other hand, Jorman Campuzano He will enter the midfield for Agustín Almendra, who was torn against The Strongest. This compulsory variant would give Boca a greater defensive presence in that sector.

The formation of Boca against Racing

Boca will play against Racing with Agustín Rossi; Carlos Zambrano, Lisandro López, Carlos Izquierdoz; Nicolás Capaldo, Jorman Campuzano, Alan Varela, Frank Fabra; Edwin Cardona; Sebastián Villa and Carlos Tevez.

How would Racing vs. Mouth

Gastón Gómez, Pillud, Leonardo Sigali, Nery Domínguez, Lucas Orbán; Leonel Miranda, Aníbal Moreno, Ignacio Piatti; Tomás Chancalay, Darío Cvitanich and Enzo Copetti.

The 24 concentrates from Boca that traveled to San Juan

mouth concentrates


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