Body of murdered teenager unearthed

The body of a 16-year-old adolescent was unearthed at the La Encarnación farm located in the Mara municipality, Zulia state, according to reports obtained from citizen security organizations.

Three individuals known by the nicknames El Ramoncito, El Negrito and El Metralleta participated in the murder of the young man. The latter was captured by Zulia police officials and upon being questioned revealed the details of how the 16-year-old adolescent was murdered. Having made such a confession, El Metralleta led the police officers to the place where he and his friends buried the boy.

Once at the site, the police informed the Cicpc about the discovery. A commission of the scientific police went to the scene and proceeded to unearth the remains of the teenager.

Polizulia agents continue their work to locate and capture El Negrito and El Ramoncito.

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