Bodyguard of Undersecretary Martorell once again repelled a “trap” with bullets

The bodyguard of the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell, managed to repel with bullets an attempt to lock up of which he was a victim on Wednesday night in the center of Santaigo.

The police officer was with the driver of the authority when, at the intersection of Eighteen with Saint Elizabeth, were intercepted by two cars. At that moment the escort drew their service weapon and fired several shots to thwart the assault.

“A gray car came for Eighteen, another for Santa Isabel, and they locked him up,” said a neighbor of a building in the sector, a witness to the incident.

Product of the escort’s response, one of the criminals was injured the bullet. “He was thrown on the ground”said the witness.

The individual was taken to a health center, while the rest of the assailants fled in the two vehicles in which they were moving, for now in an unknown direction.

Carabineros went to the place to collect ballistic evidence and carry out the respective procedures, such as the review of the security cameras in the sector, in order to determine the dynamics of the events and find the whereabouts of the criminals.

Listening, one Carabineros sergeant, had already repelled, in January of this year, an attempt to lock up when he was going back along the Costanera Norte towards the exit for Ruta 5 Sur, of which he was a victim after leaving the undersecretary at his home.


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