Boehringer Ingelheim Korea-Lily Korea ‘World Heart Day’ Stair Climbing Donation Event

Boehringer Ingelheim Korea-Lily Korea, Salvation Army charity pot donation delivery ceremony

Boehringer Ingelheim Korea (CEO Martin Kircoll) and Lilly Korea (CEO Alberto Riva) commemorated the ‘World Heart Day’ on September 29, a donation raised by executives and staff members of the Stair Climbing Challenge. was delivered to the Salvation Army Charity Pot Headquarters on the 29th.

This event was prepared to commemorate World Heart Day (every September 29) designated by the World Heart Federation to raise awareness of the risk of cardiovascular disease and to encourage participation in prevention activities. In particular, the company explained that the stair climbing program was carried out to empathize with the pain and difficulties of patients by indirectly experiencing difficulty in breathing, a representative symptom of heart failure, which has a high risk of death among various cardiovascular diseases.

The employees of Boehringer Ingelheim Korea and Lilly Korea Korea performed the stair climbing challenge instead of the elevator for two weeks and verified the record through the mobile application. As a result, a total of 136,848 stairs were climbed. The executives and staff members who participated in this event shared their impressions of vividly experiencing the difficulties experienced by heart failure patients in their daily life due to breathing difficulties by filming and sharing the certification video of climbing the stairs, encouraging more employees to pay attention and participate.

Boehringer Ingelheim Korea and Lilly Korea Korea converted the number of steps achieved at this event into donations and delivered them to the Salvation Army Charity Pot Headquarters. The donation will be used to support screening and treatment expenses for the underprivileged who are in urgent need of treatment due to heart disease but are not receiving adequate treatment due to economic and social difficulties. The Salvation Army Charity Pot started with support for heart disease treatment for children in Korea in 1995 and expanded its business to adult patients, giving patients a new life for 26 years.

Martin Kircoll, president of Boehringer Ingelheim Korea, said, “On the occasion of World Heart Day, the executives and employees of both companies will work together to inform the seriousness of cardiovascular diseases and to help patients with heart diseases such as heart failure to think about the difficulties of daily life due to breathing difficulties. I am very proud to be able to participate in this meaningful activity.” “As new treatment options are being identified that can provide treatment benefits to patients in the field of heart disease, it is more positive for domestic patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. We will do our best to create a therapeutic environment for people.”

Alberto Riva, president of Lilly Korea, said, “Heart failure is a serious disease that not only increases the burden of treatment for patients by causing repeated hospitalizations among other cardiovascular diseases, but also threatens their lives.” will continue to work to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease and improve the health and quality of life of our patients.”

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