Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly again

The United States lifted the flight ban on the aircraft of the American aeronautic giant after two years of grounding and two accidents that claimed the lives of 346 people. However, Boeing is not out of the woods.

Is this the end of the troubles for Boeing? The United States authorized, Wednesday, November 18, the planes of type 737 Max to fly again after the two air crashes which had claimed the lives of 346 people, and, since March 2019, grounded these devices. A first step for “Solve the biggest prepandemic crisis of the aircraft manufacturer” American, report it Wall Street Journal.

This authorization from the US Federal Aviation Agency (FEW) “Comes as Chicago aerospace giant grapples with a host of new problems” due to the health crisis, which has undermined all air transport.

And the American aircraft manufacturer probably more than the others. The companies canceled 10% of 737 Max orders this year. According to Boeing, “Of the 4,102 remaining orders, several hundred” are compromised, explains the American daily business.


The 737 Max crisis is a “Double whammy” for the industrialist, who went from “Inability to meet demand for oversupply”. The “debacle” would have cost him some $ 20 billion. Engineering errors and mismanagement of the crisis caused “A tangle of civil litigation, criminal investigation and scrutiny by Congress”.

Accident investigations have shown that “The failures of an automated flight control system, called MCAS, led to the crash of Lion Air in Indonesia in October 2018 and of Ethiopian Airlines in March 2019 ”.

Restore confidence

For two years, Boeing has not stopped “Develop system fixes and review pilot training”, while promising to respond to all requests from regulatory authorities around the world in order to restore confidence in his aircraft.

Airlines have also anticipated the resumption of flights in 737 Max, considered the potential reaction of some passengers and planned to book other flights for the most nervous of them.


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