Boeing is to pay a fine of $ 3.9 million: Defective parts in 737 jets

New horror news from Seattle: According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing has installed defective parts on 133 Boeing 737 jets. Despite knowledge, these machines have been registered for the final certification of airworthiness.

The challenged components are so-called slat tracks on the adjustable wing flaps. The lamellae are used to influence the flow during take-off and landing operations and should not have been used "due to a failure of the strength test", writes the agency AFP.

Boeing has not sufficiently ensured that suppliers comply with quality controls, the agency argued, allowing the aircraft manufacturer 30 days to take a stand. Otherwise, a fine of $ 3.9 million is due – equivalent to $ 3.5 million.

Boeing 737 NG and 737 Max affected

In a statement, Boeing merely stated that the aviation company was aware of the FAA's demands. For already delivered aircraft corresponding modifications have been made. This affects both machines of the 737NG series and the Boeing 737 Max.

However, Boeing promised to ensure that before the cancellation of the global ban on the Boeing 737 Max, which was imposed in March, all affected aircraft were checked and, if necessary, parts replaced.

Suspend the 737 Max production?

The flight ban, which has been in effect for almost a month, has resulted in more than 400 copies of the Boeing 737 Max being dumped in the Renton plant near Seattle, which could not be delivered to customers. According to information from "Reuters" Boeing is therefore considering a suspension of production.

Because of start-up ban: Boeing brings 737 production stop into the conversation

Increased conditions for readmission could lead the manufacturer to a temporary stop in production, the news agency reports. The US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC had already been informed of this possibility by a letter in October.

Good news from Toulouse

The European aircraft manufacturer, however, has reported its sales figures from November to the weekend. Last month alone, Airbus received orders for 222 more aircraft.

Thus, the manufacturer has recorded a milestone in its order book and exceeded the magic limit of 20,000 ordered machines. Best sellers are the short and medium range A320 family aircraft. The order cushion alone for this type of aircraft is 6193 copies.

source: "Seattle Times"

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