Boeing seeks to renegotiate the price of the two presidential planes

(ats) The manufacturer committed in 2018 to supply by the end of 2024 two 747-8 planes ready to transport the tenant of the White House for 3.9 billion dollars (3.5 billion francs).

But one of its subcontractors went bankrupt and the pandemic affected production, which had already led Boeing to pass a charge of $ 318 million to its accounts in the first quarter.

The group has already warned that it will likely be twelve months behind the original schedule, said Darlene Costello, deputy minister in charge of acquisitions, technologies and logistics for the army of the United States during a parliamentary hearing. American Air.

Government services are currently assessing whether to really change the schedule, she said.

Boeing has also “submitted a letter of intent” to request a review of the contract price, added Costello.

She was questioned by a Democratic parliamentarian, Joe Courtney, who considered that this delay and this request for a review of the contract were “a disappointment”. “We thought that for once, on this program, the government had made a good deal,” he regretted.

Former US President Donald Trump protested upon his arrival at the White House against the initial contract price for devices to replace those currently in use, which he considered prohibitive.

To lower the amount, Boeing had offered to the Air Force to sell two 747-8 initially intended for the Russian airline Transaero, which had gone bankrupt.

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