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Bogotá Madrid Fusión opens Colombian cuisine at the root of the world


«Colombian food is an atmosphere, a watercolor, a painting … Inside each house there is a hidden treasure because Colombian cuisine is not only on the plate, in a recipe or in the pot. It is in the stories that link the countryside with the city. Here we will work on the knowledge and transmission of our legends, our history and our tradition from this meeting Bogotá Madrid Fusión ». With those words, pronounced by Julian Guerrero Orozco, Colombian Vice Minister of Tourism, opened its doors in the Coferias pavilion on Thursday the gastronomic meeting called to place the American country in the world culinary vanguard from a look at its root kitchens.

A vanguard that will come from the past, since the recovery of those popular kitchens that, with few exceptions, has remained in the back room. «For the whole of Colombia, the path of culinary self-discovery and collective infatuation begins symbolically today. Hopefully it will be as deep as the Colombians feel for your music and your literature, ”he encouraged. Benjamin Lana, president of the Gastronomic Division of Vocento. «Hopefully soon the times when the great restaurants of the country did not serve Colombian cuisine are only times gone by. Hopefully soon the pastusa or Leticia cuisine have a space in Bogotá at least as large as the Peruvian or Japanese, although for that there is before making them known and also update them to the times and formats that are demanded. And for that we are here, surrounded by chefs from around the world, to publicize, to share and to learn from each other, ”added Lana.

Benjamín Lana, president of the Gastronomic Division of Vocento.
Benjamín Lana, president of the Gastronomic Division of Vocento.

Why Colombia and not Peru or Mexico?Lana wondered. «Because here they have one of the biggest pantries on the planet, almost all the ecosystems except the polar ones, which keep thousands of products that the world still does not know and that, the result of ethnic cultural diversity and the geography that has kept them Isolated, without hybridizing, there is a huge number of regional and identity kitchens. As I learned from maestro Julián Estrada (honored at the opening ceremony) Colombia is not a country, it is a gastronomic continent ».

Eleven traditional kitchens

In the same way it manifested Monica from Greiff, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, pondering the existence in the country of "eleven traditional kitchens", the result of Spanish, African and indigenous heritage. A talent that seeks to increase thanks to the presence in the city of «43 of the best chefs and talents and Colombians in the world in this event, one of the most influential in the world».

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Chef Mario Sandoval.
Chef Mario Sandoval.

In the inaugural presentations, Harry sasson He took two of his palm heart suppliers on stage, peasants who abandoned "the coca bonanza" – a crop that altered their neighborhood relations, the "mingas" of peasants who helped each other ended up "killing each other" – for this crop. Then, the passion for the local product of Slovenian Ana Ros (Hisa Franko), and work with the piglets raised at home of the breed John Dallas and recovering family recipes from Mario Sandoval (Coke). With a local piglet of eight kilos, Sandoval showed attendees the integral use of the gorrino: from piglet pate with the liver to the asadurillas through the ribs, the ears, the garter, the morrillo, the tail or the needle.

Outside, numerous stands where cocoa beans are offered to French autumn truffles, Spanish wines, special Spanish rice for sushi, industrial sauces or prepared for hospitality in an absolute mixture of aromas and colors. Together with live cooking sessions and new techniques, cooking students, students of the Training Center in Agricultural Technologies of Mosquera, with their impeccable black suits and ties, are delayed between San Ubatense cheeses, roasted goat cheeses from Arequipe and others with a heart shape, in a singular universe. Colombia took a step forward to put its kitchen in the window of the world.

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