Bok’s lawyers sent a letter to the journalist. “You are no holy cow” Pika none

– Yes, Bońek’s PR people want to distract from the backstage of extending his term as president of the Polish Football Association and the doubts surrounding the union’s finances – wrote Piotr Nisztor about the news about the offer of one of the Italian clubs who wanted to hire Zbigniew Bonek as president. Nisztor, an investigative journalist who publishes articles and videos in various media, has repeatedly written about Zbigniew Bonek, his statements and actions in recent weeks – both as the president of the Polish Football Association and outside it.

Boniek did not react to the information provided by Nisztor for a long time. The president of the Polish Football Association decided to respond a few days ago. It happened after Nisztor published on Twitter a register of benefits of one of the MPs, which showed that the costs of his two-week stay at the European Championships in France were covered by PZPN, and on Tuesday he asked Bonek about a Swiss account, a British company, and foreign businessmen .

“I’m looking for a good, tough lawyer,” wrote the 64-year-old. “He says things totally from outer space and still awaits answers … some things are not left behind,” he added, referring to Nisztor’s actions.

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Bonek’s lawyers sent a letter to the journalist. “You are not a holy cow”

As it turned out, Boniek found a lawyer and entrusted him with sending a summons to stop the infringement to Nisztor. A call that – at least for now – will not change much, as evidenced by Nisztor’s social media entry.

– Dear Mr. President, do you really think that the letter of lawyer Locksmith intimidates me? – wrote the journalist who posted on Twitter a summons provided by attorney Bonek. – You are not a holy cow, but the head of the largest sports association in Poland, financed by the state and companies controlled by the State Treasury. Good evening, he added.

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