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[Epoch Times October 25, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin) Popular Korean singer”Blushing(BOL4)”An ZhiyanThe digital single “Butterfly Effect” will be released tomorrow (26th). However, its brokerage company Shofar Music today (25th) indicated to Korean media that An Zhijun will not conduct promotional activities this time.

Last November, Shofar Music statedAn ZhiyanSince the first half of the year, due to her health deterioration and psychological anxiety symptoms, the company judged that she is currently unable to perform activities normally, so she will focus on recuperation, suspending the promotion of the new single “Filmlet” released on November 4 and focusing on treatment.

Although Shofar Music announced on the 12th of this month that An Jiyoung will release a new work on October 26th, many fans are looking forward to her new song released a year later, but the agency announced on the official fan page on the 22nd of this month that Jiyoung is in recuperation. I have worked hard to complete this new work. Although her health has improved, the company prioritizes her health. It is judged that Ji-young’s current album-related (promotion) activities would be too reluctant. After discussing with Ji-young, it was decided to cancel. This album-related event.

Today (25th), Korean media “Sports Today” reported that Shofar Music stated that in order to allow An Ji-young to restart activities more healthily, it decided not to carry out the promotion of this album. In the future, Ji-young will gradually use various Meet everyone at the event.

This afternoon, the official release of the teaser trailer of the latest song, Ji-young sang the lyrics “You’re like a diamond of moonlight” from “Butterfly Effect”. Because the lyrics of this sentence appeared in the announcement when the song was released on the 15th, it aroused the curiosity of fans.

An Ji-young’s digital single to be released on October 26 includes “Butterfly Effect (나비효과/Butterfly Effect)” and “너는내세상이었어 (You Was My World)”. Both songs are composed by An Ji Chun wrote the lyrics by himself, and composed the music by Ji Chun and Vanilla Man.

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