Bolivia asks to review the case of an Argentine detainee former member of the Farc

The government of Bolivia He asked this Saturday the State Attorney General’s Office to review the case of the former member of the Farc of Argentine origin Facundo Molares (detained in that country in 2019 during the riots in favor of the then president Evo Morales), claiming that their rights were violated by the temporary Executive of the former president Jeanine Áñez.

At a press conference in La Paz, the Minister of Justice, Iván Lima, argued that the Bolivian Executive respects the “independence of the Judicial body”, but that “exceptionally” decided to refer to the case of Molares at the request of the Argentine Foreign Minister, Felipe Solá.

“I have read the 43-page prosecution accusation and I ask the attorney general (Juan Lanchipa) to review this accusation, I cannot find a single piece of evidence to criminally accuse this citizen,” he said.

The Argentinian, who was serving preventive detention in the Chonchocoro prison in the Altiplano of La Paz, have kidney failure and COVID-19, so he is currently in a hospital, the minister explained.

Lima regretted that Molares was handcuffed to the bed in the hospital, what “is understood in humanitarian law as a inhuman, degrading treatment “, which has already been corrected by the Bolivian authorities.

He also criticized the situation of “delay of justice” in which the Argentine finds himself and “that no one tells him why he is being accused”Therefore “no person in Bolivia can suffer any cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”

Who is Facundo Molares, a former FARC guerrilla detained in Bolivia?

The Argentinian He was arrested in the Bolivian town of Yapacaní on November 14, 2019, accused of participating in riots with the groups that defended the management of then-President Evo Morales. The next day, The Farc party said that Molares was a dissident in the peace process since 2017.

The ex-guerrilla, known by the alias of ‘Camilo Fierro’, went into an “induced coma” because of the injuries he suffered during a confrontation between groups related to and opposed to former President Evo Morales in the eastern city of Montero, according to information from the Bolivian Police.

In that confrontation, 2 civic activists protesting against the irregularities in the 2019 general elections, annulled between allegations of fraud in favor of Evo Morales, which are criminally investigated and which he denies.

In the middle of that crisis, Evo Morales resigned from the Presidency in November 2019 denouncing an alleged coup against him and left the country first to Mexico and then to Argentina, where he remained for almost a year.

His party, the Movement for Socialism (MAS), returned to power with the electoral triumph of Luis Arce in the recent general elections with 55.1% of the vote.

Government Argentinian by Alberto Fernández, ally of MAS, reported last October on the presentation of an official note to the Court in charge of the case marking the “urgency” to consider the cessation of the preventive detention of Molares.

The Argentine’s family has assured that came to Bolivia to work as a photojournalist and that he had nothing to do with the alleged facts, in addition to requesting his repatriation.


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