Bolivian electoral body annuls quick vote count for general elections | News

The president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Bolivia, Salvador Romero, announced this Saturday the annulment of the quick count of the votes in the general elections that will be held on October 18.


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“With technical seriousness and motivated by the responsibility of the country, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal withdrew the Dissemination of Preliminary Results (Dinepre) from the voting day,” Romero reported.

The president of the TSE asserted that the measure seeks to ensure that the election day runs smoothly and in peace, “we do not want to generate uncertainty in a climate of high political polarization, susceptibility and mistrust,” he added.

“With the start of the computation, scheduled for 6 pm (local time), all citizens will be able to follow the computation data through the Internet and the system,” Romero said.

During his speech, Romero reiterated the need to ensure the transparency of the votes instead of the speed of the system, “there is no exclusion of any citizen, of any classroom where the vote count is carried out,” he said.

The general elections in Bolivia come after extreme right groups perpetrated an illegal coup against Evo Morales, who had triumphed as president in the October 2019 elections.

After the coup, the extremists formed a de facto government, which since its self-proclamation plunged the nation into a deep economic and social crisis.

Faced with the imminent triumph of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) in the elections, the pairing of Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca have denounced persecution against their militants by the de facto government authorities.

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