Bolsonaro tells Ford of “not telling the truth” about the reasons for his withdrawal from Brazil and launches his own theory

The president assured that the real reason was that the American automaker wanted to renew the state assistance it received in previous years.

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, assured this Tuesday that the Ford company “did not tell the truth“on the closure of its three factories in the country, and accused the US automaker of wanting to continue receiving” subsidies “from the state to stay, the channel reported Focus of Brazil.

“Ford failed to tell the truth. They wanted to keep getting subsidies from 20,000 million reais (4,000 million dollars) as they did in recent years with your tax money, your taxes, to continue manufacturing cars, “the president told a group of followers at the door of the Alvorada Palace, the presidential residence.

According to the agency Reuters, Bolsonaro made reference to the resources that would have been granted by past administrations to subsidize the automotive industry.

The president said “to regret the 5,000 jobs that will be lost with the departure of the three plants in the country, although he adjudicated the decision of the automaker to leave the country to a purely commercial issue: “Ford left because in a business environment when there is no profit one closes, this is life in our house The same thing happens with Ford, “said Bolsonaro.

In the same vein, the Brazilian president said that the Ford company now “has competition, among others, from China“.

In another part of the speech, the head of state pointed out against part of the local press, which he accused of pointing out his government as responsible for the closure of the factories, due to its economic policies.

Ford announced on Monday the closure of operations at three plants in Brazil, due to a “sustained unfavorable economic environment“and” the additional burden “of the coronavirus pandemic.

Production will cease immediately at the assembly plants in the municipalities of Camacari (Bay) and Taubate (Sao Paulo), although they will continue to produce some auto parts to support inventories.

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