Bolsonaro, three of his children and four ministers, accused of pandemic – Latin America – International

The report of the Brazilian Senate commission that investigated the government’s management of the pandemic formulates serious charges against the president Jair Bolsonaro, three of his children and four ministers, included in a list of 80 accused.

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The report was approved this Tuesday and will now be sent to the Justice, which will have to decide on the eventual trials for the alleged responsibilities in the fight against the pandemic of the covid-19, which has so far killed more than 605,000 Brazilians.

The final report accuses the president of “crimes against humanity” and eight other very serious crimes. The report, the product of six months of research, was approved by seven votes to four.

It will be referred to the ordinary Justice, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Supreme Court and even the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which must evaluate whether they accept the complaints and institute the corresponding processes.

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Suspicions pass through promotion of remedies of doubtful effectiveness against the coronavirus, violation of preventive measures, dissemination of false information about the pandemic, irregular use of public money and fraudulent negotiations for the acquisition of vaccines, among many others.

The twelve main defendants and the charges made in the parliamentary report are:

1.- President Jair Bolsonaro. Crimes against humanity. Violation of sanitary measures. Medical quackery. Incitement to crime. Documents forgery. Irregular use of public money. Prevarication. Epidemic resulting in death. Attacks against the dignity of the position.

2.- Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga (in office since last March). Epidemic resulting in death. Prevarication.

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3.- Minister of Defense and former Minister of the Presidency, General Walter Braga Netto. Epidemic resulting in death.

4.- Minister of Labor and former Minister of the General Secretariat, Onyx Lorenzoni. Crimes against humanity. Incitement to crime.

5.- Minister of the Comptroller General, Wagner Rosario. Prevarication.

6.- General Eduardo Pazuello, former Minister of Health (May 2020-March 2021). Crimes against Humanity. Epidemic resulting in death. Irregular use of public money. Dissemination of false information.

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7.- Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araújo (January 2019-March 2021). Epidemic resulting in death. Incitement to crime.

8.- Deputy Ricardo Barros, head of the ruling party in Congress. Incitement to crime. Influence peddling. Illicit association. Lack of administrative integrity.

9.- Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, eldest son of the president. Incitement to crime.

10.- Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, second son of the president Incitement to crime.

11.- Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro, third son of the president.

12.- Former press officer of the Presidency Fabio Wajngarten. Prevarication. Influence peddling.

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The extensive list of defendants, which includes two companies, is completed by dozens of officials, former government advisers, doctors who made up an informal group of Bolsonaro advisers and other parliamentarians aligned to the extreme right.

There are also businessmen who tried to sell him vaccines fraudulently and companies in the health sector that falsified studies on the alleged benefits of unproven remedies against covid-19 and used by the Government to promote their use in the public health network.

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It was also requested that Bolsonaro be suspended from all social networks for a massive dissemination of false information about the pandemic and for him to be forced by the Justice to retract all the statements in which he disregarded its seriousness or questioned the vaccines.

The group began its investigation on April 27, when Brazil added some 391,000 deaths from covid, and concluded its work with the approval of the report at a time when deaths exceed 606,000, a figure that maintains it as the third most affected country in the world, along with the United States and India.



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