Bomb news in ‘Save me’: Omar Sánchez has been unfaithful to Anabel Pantoja

Kiko Hernández, who returned to television after three weeks, has also spoken about the separation of Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno

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‘Save me’ has started this Wednesday with a great stir. Such the first advertising break, Kiko Hernández, who returned to television after a three-week break, has revealed to the program information that has made the management break the planned rundown. But it was not until the end when he revealed what it was about. As stated in the space, Omar Sánchez has been unfaithful to Anabel Pantoja, with whom he married less than a month ago on the island of La Graciosa.

The show, which has several videos about the alleged infidelity, has shown one in which Omar is seen talking to a girl. So far everything normal. However, they claim that they have other images in which the girl and him are seen “kissing” and “touching each other”. “She goes to the bathroom and then he goes, and they go out together after 15 minutes inside,” they emphasize.

Anabel and Omar got married in La Graciosa. A link that Kiko Rivera did not attend due to the death of his grandmother, Doña Ana. The DJ, who wanted to say goodbye to his “yaya”, was not well received in Cantora and exploded in anger against his mother and against everyone. Days later he made peace with Isabel Pantoja. “I forgive you the money,” he said.

Discussion between Antonio David and Olga Moreno

In addition, Kiko Hernández has affirmed that a relative of Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno assures that they are separated since ‘Survivors’ ended last July.

Kiko has affirmed that «Olga Moreno and Antonio David do not speak. They do it through a relative. Also, in the program they have reported that the couple had an argument when she won ‘Survivors’. Apparently, he told her that he had fallen out of love and that he was with someone else. However, they have not specified if it would be Marta Riesco.

Given the exclusives that Kiko had, such a stir has been generated on the set that the program has decided to remove the phone from Lydia Lozano and Belén Esteban, who could have heard Kiko’s conversation with her source.

Last week, the magazine ‘Readings’ reported the separation of the couple after 21 years of marriage. Two days later, ‘Save me’ stated that Antonio David has a “special relationship” with Marta Riesco, a friend of his daughter Rocío Flores. «Among all the new relationships in Antonio David’s life, one stands out. There is a relationship that is special and increasingly close, and it is also a popular voice in Telecinco. It is about a relationship with a woman who works in this house. They can be seen in the corridors, but they have also been seen outside ”, declared Omar Suárez, a reporter for ‘Save me’


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