Bombshell! Joan Laporta’s new dream to coach Barça

Nobody misses that Ronald Koeman he is still coach of the Barça practically rebound. Because the plan, as publicly stated Joan Laporta, It was to separate their paths, and find another coach. However, because they were not able to identify a replacement of guarantees, they chose to continue to trust the Dutchman. And it is that he has not done such a bad job, although he was penalized by his lousy end of the season.

In addition, the great dream of the president, Pep Guardiola, quickly vanished. More than anything, because he reaffirmed his commitment to Manchester City, with whom he renewed a few months ago. And, for the moment, he is not planning to return to Barcelona, ​​at least in the near future. In several interviews, he has made it clear that he does not want to be the Barça coach again, and, if he returns, it would be to occupy a position on the board of directors, away from the pitch.

At the Camp Nou, therefore, they will have to forget Santpedor’s, which, apart from that, receives an astronomical salary, higher than 25 ‘kilos’ net per campaign. To this day, they are unable to pay such an amount, yet another reason to discard that idea. On the other hand, another option has gained strength, and it is the one that has as its protagonist Luis Enrique, another old acquaintance, and a great idol of the culé fans. First, because of his past as a footballer, and his hatred of Real Madrid, in which he was also a member.

And second, because, as a coach, he was also able to get the treble, following in the footsteps of Guardiola, with whom he shared a dressing room in the Spanish team that won the 1992 Olympic Games. Now, the Asturian is the coach of ‘La Roja. ‘, where it has not been without controversy and discussions. But the results are on his side, after qualifying for the ‘final four’ of the UEFA Nations League.

Not only that, but they are still alive in the Eurocup, when nobody gave a penny for them. Laporta is a great admirer of ‘Lucho’, and wants to take him back to Barça.

Leo Messi would be delighted.

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